A. Listen to a traveler meeting his guide at an airport. Which city is he in?

B. Listen again. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false). Correct the F sentences.

1   Jake isn’t very tired.

2   He hasn’t been to Europe before.

3   His next flight is to Lisbon.

4   He’s traveling to a conference.

5   He doesn’t know anybody there.

6   The tour includes visits to historic sites.

7   He isn’t planning to buy anything for himself.

8   They don’t have time to stop for lunch.

9   The weather forecast isn’t very good.

10   He’s looking forward to the tour.


1 T

2 F (He has been to Europe before.)

3 F (His next flight is to London.)

4 T

5 F (He has an old friend / ex-girlfriend there.)

6 T

7 T

8 F (They are going to have lunch at a nice restaurant.)

9 F (The weather forecast is very good.)

10 T


A = Anna, J = Jake

A   Hello, Mr Bevan. I’m Anna, your tour guide.

J    Hi. Please, call me Jake.

A   OK, Jake. Nice to meet you. How was the flight? Are you tired?

J    No, I’m fine.

A   Great. Let’s go to the parking lot, then. Is it your first time here?

J    Yeah. I was in Europe when I was a student, but somehow I never got here.

A   And your final destination is London, is that right?

J    Yes. I’m going to give a talk at a conference in Oxford.

A   So work, not pleasure?

J    Yes – well, maybe some pleasure, too. I have a friend – well, an ex-girlfriend, really, who I was with when I was a student. She’s British – she lives in Oxford – and we’re planning to meet up.

A   That’s nice! OK, so now I’m going to tell you a bit about our tour today. We’re going to drive to the city – it takes about forty-five minutes – and then we’re going to start at the Colosseum.

J    Great. I’ve always wanted to see it.

A   And then we’re going to visit the Forum. After that, we’re going to see the Pantheon – one of the oldest buildings in the city.

J    Wow.

A   So, then we are very close to the Via del Corso, where all the best stores are. Would you like to maybe do some shopping?

J    Well, I’d like to see the stores, but I’m probably not going to buy anything.

A   Maybe a little present, a present for your friend in Oxford?

J    Well, maybe.

A   And then I’m sure you’re going to be hungry, so I’m going to take you to a really nice restaurant for lunch. We can have pizza, or a good carbonara, a gelato – an ice cream that is. Our typical dishes, but I promise you, very different from Italian food in America.

J    Sounds great. And then back to the airport, I guess?

A   That’s right. We need to allow time for that.

  Yes, I don’t want to miss my flight.

A   Don’t worry. We do this tour every day – and nobody has ever missed their flight.

  Is it going to be very hot today?

A   No, not too hot. It’s going to be nice: about 71 degrees.

  Perfect. It’s going to be a great day.

A   Here we are. If you can just wait a minute while I pay for the parking. Oh, Mr Bevan – Jake – is this yours?

J    My passport! Thanks, Anna. Typical me. I always lose things when I’m traveling.

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