Exercise 1

1. Listen to Richard describing day three. Are sentences 1-5 true (T) or false (F)? Correct the false sentences.

1   The class began with a lesson before they went out to sea.

2   Richard felt fine when they went out on the boat.

3   He found it difficult to stand up on the water skis.

4   He hated water skiing.

5   When he got back to the hotel, he went to bed.


1 T

2 F He was really worried.

3 T

4 F After the third time, he loved water skiing.

5 F Later on in the evening he had a drink with the other water skiers.



So, the next morning, we started with some water skiing practice on the beach. First, they showed us how to stand up on the skis … and then how to fall off safely. The lesson took about an hour, and then we were ready to go out to sea. There were five other people in my group, who were all very excited. But not me – I was really worried. The instructor looked at me and said, “Do you want to go first?” and then everyone looked at me. I felt sick but I said, “Yes” …

Ten seconds after I started, I fell over. I tried again. And I fell over again. Then the third time, something amazing suddenly happened. I didn’t fall over. And I found out that I love water skiing. The ten minutes in the water passed very quickly and I didn’t want to stop! 

When we got back to the hotel, the receptionist asked me, “So, did you enjoy the water skiing course?” I said, “Yes” which, for the first time, was the truth. And then later on that evening I had a drink in the bar with the other water skiers. I felt really happy. And that was when I realised I  was enjoying being a ‘Yes Man’ after all.

2. Listen. Which of the activities did Richard enjoy?

3. Listen again. What is Richard’s last question? Do you think he will say yes or no? Why?



He enjoyed working as a waiter for a day, the day he spent fishing and staying at a beach party until six the next morning (he won a dancing competition). He also enjoyed swimming until midnight (but not the mosquitoes).


Do you want to come with us? (to Thailand)

Possibly he will say yes, because he says Day 7 wasn’t finished yet, it is only 11.55, and he is still a ‘yes man’ for another five minutes. Possibly he will say no because he wants some control of his life again, and he said he wanted to get back home and relax for a day before he starts work on Monday.



On the last day of the holiday, I couldn’t wait for midnight. At 12 o’clock I could stop answering ‘yes’ to every question. The week had been fun but I wanted some control of my life again! That evening I went for one last dinner with some of my new friends. “So, did you have a good week?” one of them asked me. “Yes,” I said. “What was your favourite thing?” she asked.

And do you know what? I couldn’t really answer her. There were so many things I had enjoyed. I worked as a waiter for a day – I didn’t get any money for it, but I made friends with some interesting people who came to eat at the restaurant. I also spent a day fishing with five Greek fishermen and caught several fish. I stayed at a beach party until six in the morning. Oh, and I won a dancing competition!

Of course, some of my experiences weren’t very good. I took the same boat trip three times … I went swimming at midnight – actually, I liked the swimming, but I didn’t like the mosquitoes that bit me when I got out of the sea. And I spent over 200 euros on souvenirs that I hate!

It was great to try new things. But I was glad the week was nearly finished. I wanted to get back home and relax for a day before I started work again on Monday. But Day 7 wasn’t finished yet! Without thinking, I asked my new friends what they planned to do next. They were all smiling at me. One of them said, “We’re flying to Thailand tomorrow. Do you want to come with us? You’d love it!” I looked at my watch. It was 11.55.

Exercise 2

1. Listen to the woman describing her experience. What happened?

2. Listen again. What does the woman say about …?

●   her journey to the airport

●   boarding the plane

●   what the flight attendant said

●   what happened when she was in the toilet

●   how she feels about what happened now




●   her journey to the airport: she was in a rush

●   boarding the plane: all the other passengers were waiting for her; it was a bit embarrassing

●   what the flight attendant said: the only place to sit was the toilet

●   what happened when she was in the toilet: there was turbulence; she almost fell off; passengers were waiting; there was no seatbelt

●   how she feels about what happened now: still can’t believe it; it was terrible


Well, I was in a rush that morning and I suppose I set off a bit late. It was raining when I left the house and there was a lot of traffic on the roads. I got to the airport just before the desk closed.

When I boarded the plane, all the other passengers were waiting for me. It was a bit embarrassing, but we took off OK. I had a seat in the middle of the plane and for the first couple of hours it was fine.

So I was reading my book when one of the flight attendants came over and spoke to me. She said that there was something wrong with her seat and that she needed to take mine. I was the last passenger to check in, so they chose me.

I asked the flight attendant where I should sit and she told me that the only place was the toilet. At first, I thought it was a joke, but then I realised that she was serious.

So I was sitting on the toilet when the turbulence started. It was quite frightening because of course there was no seatbelt in the toilet. I almost fell off a few times. After the turbulence stopped, I opened the door. About five passengers were waiting outside to use the toilet. I just closed the door again.

And then to top it all, when we landed at Istanbul there was a delay of an hour before we could get off the plane because of a problem in the airport.

I still can’t believe they told me to stay in the toilet for two hours. It was terrible. You just can’t treat customers like that.

Exercise 3

1. Look at the picture. Where is Annie? What information do you think she is asking for? Listen and check your ideas.

2. Listen again. Answer the questions.

 When does the next train to Birmingham leave? ___________

 How often do the trains leave? ___________

 Which platform does the Birmingham train leave from? ___________

 Which day will Annie come back? ___________

 How much is Annie’s ticket? ___________

 What does Annie want to get from the newsagent’s? ___________



Annie is at a train station.

She wants to know: when the next train leaves; how often the trains leave; which platform the train leaves from; where the ticket off ice is; how much a ticket is; where she can buy a magazine


 in four minutes

 every 30 minutes




 a magazine


ANNIE   Excuse me … Excuse me!

EMPLOYEE   Yes, how can I help you?

A   I’m going to Birmingham to visit my brother.

 OK. Erm, which train are you taking?

A   Oh, I don’t know. What time’s the next train?

 The next one leaves in … four minutes.

A   How often do the trains leave?

 Every … 30 minutes. So the next one after that is at 15.32.

A   OK, great. And er, which platform does it leave from?

 That train leaves from … platform 12. So, it’s just over there.

A   Sorry, just one more thing.

 Yes, of course.

A   Could you tell me where the ticket office is?

 It’s over there. But it looks quite busy – there’s a long queue. I can sell you a ticket.

A   Oh, brilliant! How much is a ticket?

 Well, when do you want to come back?

A   Oh, I don’t know. Probably tomorrow evening. But on Sunday it’s going to be sunny I think and my brother’s going to have a party and so maybe I’ll stay until Monday.

E   The ticket prices change. Sunday is cheaper than Monday.

 Oh, Sunday then. His parties are never very good.

E   OK, you want a return to Birmingham. Coming back on … Sunday?

 Yes, that’s right.

E   So, that’s £26.30.

 Can I pay by card?

E   Yes, sure … OK, so here’s your card, and your ticket. Is there anything else I can help you with?

 Actually, there is one more thing. Where can I buy a magazine? Is there a newsagent’s here?

E   Yes, look – there’s one just over there.

 Great. Thanks so much.

E   No problem. Have a good journey.

3. Listen. What mistake did Annie make? What is her last question?


She needs to change her ticket.

Her brother doesn’t live in Birmingham. He lives in Stratford.

Her last question was: ‘Can I change my ticket?’


ANNIE   He doesn’t live in Birmingham any more! He doesn’t live in Birmingham any more! He doesn’t live in Birmingham any more!


A   My brother. He moved. He doesn’t live in Birmingham any more. He lives in Stratford now! Can I change my ticket …?

Exercise 4

1. Listen to Karen talking to her nephew Tim about Indonesia. Answer the questions.

 Why is Tim phoning Karen?

 When did she travel to Indonesia?

 Which of the things in the photographs (a-e) below does Keren describe to Tim?

2. Listen again and answer the questions.

 How is Tim planning to get to his hostel?

 What were the problems with Karen’s flight to Jakarta?

 How does Karen describe Indonesian traffic jams?

 How did Karen feel about the storms in Indonesia?

 Why didn’t Karen write a blog?



1   to ask for advice about arriving in Indonesia

2   about ten years ago

3   a (a traffic jam), c (a storm with heavy rain and lightning)


1   by taxi

2   long delay at airport, turbulence

3   noisier and longer than in this country

4   It was exciting.

5   She didn’t have an Internet connection in her apartment.


TIM   So, when I get to Jakarta, what should I do?

KAREN   I’m not really sure. I mean, I left Indonesia about ten years ago and … well … it’s probably all changed now.

T   So, yeah, I think we’ll just get a taxi from the airport to the hostel.

K   You could, but if you want to save money, I think there’s probably a bus service.

T   I suppose so. Is that what you did?

K   Well, I was going to Jakarta to work, so someone met us with a car and drove us into the centre of town.

T   So what was it like when you arrived?

 It’s something I’ll never forget. You know, this was the first time I went somewhere that was completely different, the other side of the world. I remember we had a pretty bad flight; there was a long delay at the airport because there was something wrong with the plane. And we had quite a lot of turbulence – and as we were landing I remember thinking ‘Is this all a big mistake?’. But no … as soon as we got off the plane and I felt how lovely and warm it was, I began to feel much happier. I loved it there, I’m sure you will too.

 And, so, once you were away from the airport, what did you see?

K   Well, the first thing I saw was a traffic jam!

 Oh no.

K   Yes, and a traffic jam that was much noisier and longer than in this country. And a storm!

 Oh no! Really?

K   Yes, quite often in the spring, the rainy season, there’s suddenly a storm with heavy rain and lightning. And you just have to run for the nearest building! For me, it was exciting, though. I expect you’ll love it, too.

 You must have so many memories of your time there.

 Yeah … yeah I do.

 Did you write them down? You know, do a blog or something.

 No … I didn’t have an internet connection in my apartment.

 Or a diary or something like that?

 No, I never did.

 That’s a pity. But you seem to remember it pretty well.

Exercise 5

1. Listen to the conversation. Match problems a–e with where they are happening 1–5.


 crash and delays


 long delays


c   no delays


 problems this weekend


 traffic jam

2. Listen to the conversation again and tick (✓) the correct answers.

 Why were there delays on the M3 this morning?

      a   There was a crash.

      b   The police closed the road.

      c   It was raining.

 What happened three hours ago near Swindon?

      a   There was an accident.

      b   There was a very long queue.

      c   A lorry stopped working.

 Who should use the A429 this evening?

      a   People who are going to Swindon.

      b   Lorries.

      c   Everyone on the M4.

 Who did the police say can’t go on the motorway?

      a   People going to a music festival.

      b   Hitchhikers.

      c   People who want to camp.

 What is unusual about the trains today?

      a   There aren’t any trains working.

      b   The trains are mainly working well.

      c   There are lots of delays.

 Where did Jackie and Bob stay last night?

      a   In a hotel at the airport.

      b   On the floor at the airport.

      c   In India.


STEVE   And now we go over to Susie with today’s traffic and travel news. I hear it is particularly bad on the M3 and M4 motorways?

SUSIE   Thanks, Steve, that’s right. The heavy rain this morning caused problems on the M3. Four cars hit each other and because of that, there were long delays between London and Guildford. It doesn’t look very good on the M4. A lorry broke down near Swindon about three hours ago and there was a huge traffic jam half an hour later. Peter from Bristol just texted on eight seven six six three two to say that there is a queue now. So if you need to get to Swindon this evening, you might want to go off the motorway and go on the main road – the A429.

The M1 is looking a lot better today. There were no delays when I last checked, which is great for anyone who is going to the big music festival in Leeds tomorrow. However, the police have said that you must not hitchhike on the motorway. But if you haven’t booked accommodation, you can take a tent and stay on a campsite in the park.

Unusually, there aren’t many problems on the trains today, but if you are going away this weekend, lots of trains aren’t working normally, so check before you go. If you are flying from Gatwick Airport, please phone your airline before you set off. The computer systems at the airport weren’t working this morning and many flights were cancelled today. The computers are working now but there are long delays and even longer queues! Jackie and Bob phoned to say their flight to India was delayed by over twelve hours and they had to check into a hotel at the airport for the night. But I’m pleased to say that they’ve boarded their plane now and are on their way.

ST   Well, I hope they’ve got a visa or they’ll have another long queue when they arrive!

SU   I hope so, too! It sounds like they’re going to have a real adventure. Back to you, Steve.

ST   Thanks, Susie. And here’s the latest song by …

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