Exercise 1

A. Listen to Rob and Jenny. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

1   Rob is going home today.

2   He says it will be difficult to stay in touch.

3   Jenny suggests that she could go to London.

4   Rob thinks it’s a good idea.

5   They’re going to a restaurant tonight.

6   Barbara wants to talk to Jenny.

B. Listen again. Say why the F sentences are false.



1 F   2 F   3 T   4 F   5 T   6 F


1 Rob is going home soon.

2 He says Jenny can visit London and he can come back to New York.

4 He doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

6 Barbara wants to talk to Rob.


J = Jenny, R = Rob, B = Barbara

J   I can’t believe it. Your month here is nearly over. It’s gone so fast.

R   I know. I’ve had a great time, Jenny.

J   Me too. It’s been really special. But…

R   But what?

 It won’t be the same when you’re in London and I’m here.

R   But we’ll still be in touch. You can visit me in London and I can come back here to see you.

 It still won’t be the same.

R   No. No, it won’t.

 Maybe…I could come back to London with you?

R   You can’t do that, Jenny. You’ve just got this job.

J   That’s true.

R   Well, we still have some time together. We’re going out for dinner tonight!

J   Yes, and I’m going to take you somewhere really nice.

R   Look at the time. I have to go now; it’s my last interview in New York. I don’t want to be late.

J   OK. See you later, then.

R   Bye.


B   Jenny, is Rob here?

J   Oh, you just missed him, Barbara.

B   I really need to talk to him. I’ll try him on his cell phone… (on the phone) Hello, Rob? It’s Barbara. Can you give me a call? There’s something I’d like to talk about.

Exercise 2

Listen and answer the questions.

1   Who does Rob want to speak to?

2   How many times does he have to call?


1 He wants to speak to Barbara.

2 He has to call three times.


M = man, R = Rob, Re = receptionist, B = Barbara

M   Hello. Broadway Grill.

  Oh, sorry. I have the wrong number.


Re   NewYork 24seven. How can I help you?

R    Hello. Can I speak to Barbara Keaton, please?

Re   Just a second. I’ll put you through…Hello.

R    Hi, is that Barbara?

Re   No, I’m sorry. She’s not at her desk right now.

R    Can I leave a message, please?

Re   Sure.

R    Can you tell her Rob Walker called? I’ll call back later.

Re   I’ll give her the message. You could try her cell phone.

R    Yes, I’ll do that. Thank you.


 I’m sorry, I can’t take your call at the moment. Please leave a message after the beep.

 Hello, Barbara. This is Rob, returning your call.


Re   NewYork 24seven. How can I help you?

  Hello. It’s Rob again. Can I speak to Barbara, please?

Re   Just a second… I’m sorry, the line’s busy. Do you want to hold?

  OK, I’ll hold.


  Hi, Barbara. It’s me, Rob.

  Rob, hi! I tried to call you earlier.

  What did you want to talk about?

Exercise 3

A. Listen to Rob and Jenny. Is it a happy ending or a sad ending?

B. Listen again and answer the questions.

 Who has some news?

 What did Barbara offer Rob?

 What did Jenny do this morning?

 What does Jenny ask Barbara to do?



It’s a happy ending.


1 They both have news.

2 Barbara offered Rob a job in New York.

3 She sent Barbara an email. She quit her job.

4 Jenny asks Barbara to delete her email.


R = Rob, J = Jenny

R   Jenny!

 Rob! I have something to tell you.

R   I have something to tell you, too. You go first.

J   Well, I thought again about moving to London…

R   But you don’t need to move to London.

J   What?

R   Barbara called me earlier.

 What about?

R   She offered me a job. Here, in New York!

J   What?! Oh, that’s great news.

R   You don’t seem very pleased.

 I am. I mean, it’s great! It’s just that…

R   What?

J   I sent Barbara an email this morning.

R   And?

J   I told her I was quitting and moving to London.

R   Don’t worry. Maybe she hasn’t read your email yet.

J   I’ll call her.

B   Hello, Barbara Keaton.

J   Barbara? It’s Jenny.

B   Oh, hi, Jenny.

 Um, have you read your emails recently? There’s one from me.

B   Oh, yes. I can see it. I haven’t opened it yet.

J   Don’t open it! Delete it! Please just delete it. I’ll explain later.

B   OK. It’s gone. Is everything all right, Jenny?

 Yes, thanks. Never better.

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