Exercise 1

A. Carolina is from Spain but lives and works in London. Listen to her shopping in Portobello Market. What thing in each photo does she ask about?

B. Listen again. What does Carolina buy? How much does she pay?



Picture A: the white rug

Picture B: the small silver candlesticks

Picture C: the red leather jacket


She buys the rug for £85 and the jacket for £75.


STALLHOLDER 1   Hi, can I help you?

CAROLINA   Yes, can I see the big rug at the top?

S   The orange one?

C   Erm, no, the white one, next to the orange one.

S   OK, I’ll get it for you.

C   Thanks a lot.

S   There you are.

C   How much is it?

S   It’s a hundred.

C   Hm. How about seventy-five?

S   I can’t take less than ninety.

C   Really? I could give you eighty.

S   I’ll do it for eighty-five.

C   Well … OK, I’ll take it.

STALLHOLDER 2   Do you need any help?

C   No, thanks, I’m just looking.

S   They’re nice candlesticks, aren’t they?

C   They’re nice, but do you have any silver ones?

S   Er, yeah, there are some here.

C   Oh, yes. Can I have a look at those ones there?

S   These big ones?

C   No, the smaller ones, just there … That’s right.

C   How much do you want for them?

S   Ah, these ones are thirty-five.

C   Would you take twenty?

S   I can take thirty.

C   Erm … thanks, but I’ll leave them.

C   Excuse me?

STALLHOLDER 3   Yeah, do you need some help?

C   Yes, how much is that leather jacket?

S   The red one?

C   Yeah.

S   Ah, it’s seventy-five.

C   Is it second-hand or …?

S   No, we don’t have any second-hand clothes. All our stuff’s new.

C   OK.

S   But there are some second-hand stalls just over there, if that’s what you’re looking for.

C   No, no, it’s OK. Erm, so what size is it?

S   I’ll have a look for you. Erm, it’s a medium, but I might have some other sizes.

C   Can I try it on?

S   Yes, of course. There’s a mirror just here.

C   Oh, right.

S   What do you think?

C   It’s nice, but do you have any other colours?

S   That jacket, I’m afraid not, no. Just the red.

C   Mm, OK … I think I’ll take it. Can I pay by credit card?

S   No problem.

C   OK. It was seventy-five, right?

Exercise 2

A. Listen to four people talking about their favourite possessions. Match the people and possessions.

B. Can you remember who use these sentences? Listen again to check.

1   I think my favourite thing is my TV.

2   I need it for work.

3   It helps me relax after a long day at work.

4   I’ve had some of them since I was five.

5   They were given to me by my mother.

6   It just reminds me of those days, the sunny summer days.

7   I just like it because it means I can do a lot of different things.

8   I absolutely love it because it is like a mosaic.



Anna: C   Alba: D   Claudia: B   Eren: A


1 TV (Anna)   2 passport (Claudia)   3 TV (Anna)

4 books (Alba)   5 books (Alba)   6 pebble (Eren)

7 passport (Claudia)   8 pebble (Eren)


ANNA   I think my favourite thing is my TV, because I watch TV every day for one hour or two hours. I like to watch my favourite programmes. And it helps me relax after a long day at work.

ALBA   My most treasured possessions are my books. I’ve had some of them since I was five. They were given to me by my mother and they’ve travelled with me from Venezuela to Scotland, then to Italy, then to Austria, then to the UK. Wherever I go, the longer I live, the more books I buy and they just pile up. I have boxes upon boxes and they will go with me everywhere I go. I love my books.

CLAUDIA   Erm, one of my favourite things I own is my passport. It, erm, I use it a lot and it has a lot of stamps from different countries in it because I travel a lot. I need it for work but I also need it every time I go on holidays and I just like it because it means I can do a lot of different things in lots of different countries.

EREN   One of my most treasured possessions is a perfectly round pebble. It’s a pebble that I found when I was little. I think I was about ten years old and I was playing on the beach, and it just reminds me of those days, the, erm, sunny summer days and long evenings and, erm, it’s so round that people just can’t believe that it’s completely natural. And I absolutely love it because it is, erm, like a mosaic. It has some white bits and grey bits, different colours.

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