Exercise 1

Listen to Rob and Holly and answer the questions.

1   What reason does Rob give for why he isn’t in shape?

2   Why does he find it difficult to eat less?

3   How does he keep fit in London?

4   Why doesn’t he do the same in New York?

5   How does Jenny keep fit?

6   What does Holly think about this?

7   What does Holly suggest that Rob could do?

8   What does Rob need to do first?


1   He says he’s eating too much.

2   Because he eats out all the time in New York and the portions are very big.

3   He cycles in London.

4   Because he doesn’t have a bike (he lives near the office and is only going to stay for another three weeks).

5   She goes running before and after work.

6   Holly thinks running is very boring.

7   He could play basketball with Holly and her friends.

8   He needs to buy some trainers (sneakers in American English).


H = Holly, R = Rob

H   Hey, Rob, come on. Keep up.

R   Sorry. I’m a bit tired this morning.

H   You aren’t exactly in good shape, are you?

 I know, I know. I think I’m eating too much.

H   Then eat less!

 It isn’t easy. I eat out all the time. And the portions in American restaurants are enormous.

H   You don’t do enough exercise.

R   I walk a lot.

H   Walking isn’t enough, Rob. Do you do anything to keep fit?

 I cycle when I’m in London…

H   So why don’t you get a bike here?

 I’m only here for another three weeks. Anyway, my hotel’s near the office. I don’t need a bike.

H   You know, Jennifer goes running all the time. Before and after work. But I just think that running is so boring. I mean, where’s the fun?

 Yeah, I’m not very keen on running.

 So why don’t you play basketball with me and my friends?

R   OK. That’s a great idea! But I don’t have any trainers.

 Trainers? Sneakers! You can buy some.

R   Is there a sports shop near here?

H   Sure, there’s one across the street.

Exercise 2

Listen. Answer the questions.

 What’s the problem with Rob’s trainers?

 What does he do in the end?


 They are too small.

 He exchanges them for another pair.


S = shop assistant, R = Rob

S   Can I help you, sir?

R   Yes. Do you have these in an eight?

S   Just a minute. I’ll go and check.


S   Here you are, these are an eight. Do you want to try them on?

R   No, thanks. I’m sure they’ll be fine. How much are they?

 They’re $83.94.

 Oh, it says $72.99.

 Yes, but there’s an added sales tax of fifteen per cent.

 Oh, OK. Do you take Mastercard?



S   Can I help you?

R   Yes, I bought these about half an hour ago.

S   Yes, I remember. Is there a problem?

R   Yes, I’m afraid they’re too small.

S   What size are they?

R   They’re an eight. But I take a UK eight.

S   Oh, right. Yes, a UK eight is a US nine.

R   Do you have a pair?

S   I’ll go and check. Just a minute.


 I’m sorry, but we don’t have these in a nine. But we do have these, and they’re the same price. Or you can have a refund.

 Erm…I’ll take this pair, then, please.

S   No problem. Do you have the receipt?

 Yes, here you are.


Exercise 3

Listen and circle the correct answer.

1   Rob went to Boston / Brooklyn.

2   He shows / doesn’t show Jenny his new trainers.

3   Jenny goes running every morning / evening in Central Park.

4   She wants to go running with him at 6:45 / 7:45.

5   Rob thinks it’s too early / late.

6   They agree to meet at 6:45 / 7:15.

7   Holly thinks Rob has / doesn’t have a lot of energy.


1 Brooklyn   2 shows   3 morning   4 6:45   5 early

6 7:15   7 has


R = Rob, J = Jenny

R   Hi, Jenny.

J   Oh, hi.

R   Have you had a good day?

J   Oh, you know. Meetings! What about you?

R   It was great. I went to Brooklyn and met some really interesting people.

J   And you had time to go shopping, too.

R   What? Oh yeah. I’ve just bought these.

 What are they?

R   A pair of trainers – er, sneakers.

J   Nice. Why did you buy sneakers?

R   I think I need to get a bit fitter.

 Oh, I’m impressed. You know, I go running every morning in Central Park.

R   Do you?

J   It’s so beautiful early in the morning. Why don’t you come with me?

R   Er…sure. Why not?

J   Great! I’ll come by your hotel tomorrow morning.

 OK. What time?

J   Six forty-five?

R   Six…?

J   Forty-five.

 Can we make it a bit later? Say, seven forty-five?

J   That’s too late, Rob. Let’s make it seven fifteen.

R   OK.

J   Excellent. See you later.


H   Basketball and running, Rob? You must have a lot of energy.

R   Er…yeah.

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