Now listen to Tim Moore talking about what happened in London. Answer the questions.



The photo test

1  Who did he ask first?

2  What did the man say?

3  Who did he ask next? What happened?

The shopping test

4  What did he buy? Where?

5  How much was it?

6  Did he get the right change?

The accident test

7  Where did he do the accident test?

8  Did anyone help him?

9  What did the man say?


 A man.

 No, no, no time for that.

 A businessman. He took one photo (but no more).

 A key ring and a red bus in Oxford Street.

5   40 pounds


 In the Tube (the London underground).


 Why don’t you look where you’re going?


First I did the photo test. I was near Charing Cross station. I stopped a man who was walking quite slowly down the road and I said, ‘Excuse me, could you take my photo?’ The man said: “No, no, no time for that,’ and just continued walking. Then I asked a businessman in a grey suit who was walking towards the station. He took one photo, but when I asked him to take another one he walked away quickly.

Next, it was the shopping test. I went to a tourist shop in Oxford Street and I bought a key ring and a red bus. The red bus was very expensive. The total price was forty pounds. I have the man a hundred pounds – two fifty pound notes. He gave me sixty pounds back. Finally it was time for the accident test. For this test I went down into the Tube (the London Underground). As I went down the stairs I fell over and sat on the floor. A man immediately stopped and looked down at me. I thought he was going to help me but he didn’t – he just said ‘Why don’t you look where you are going?’

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