A. Listen to the story about Sean’s uncle and aunt. Why was the holiday a disaster?

1   Because the weather was awful.

2   Because the place was very noisy.

3   Because the argued a lot.

B. Listen again. Correct the wrong information.

1   Sean went to Ibiza

       His aunt and uncle went to Ibiza.

2   They’re about sixty.

3   They wanted an exciting holiday.

4   They usually spend their holidays abroad.

5   They knew it was ‘The Party Island’.

6   The first went there in the 1950s.

7   The booked the holiday at a travel agent’s.

8   The hotel was in a quiet part of town.

9   They’re going to go abroad again next year.



2   Because the place was very noisy.


2   They’re nearly seventy.

3   They wanted a quiet, relaxing holiday.

4   They don’t go abroad very often.

5   They didn’t know it was “The Party Island’.

6   They first went there in the 1960s.

7   The booked the holiday on the Internet.

8   The hotel was in a resort full of bars and discos.

9   They’ll probably stay at home next year.


P = Presenter host, S = Sean

P   Hello and welcome to today’s Holiday Programme. Today we’ve asked you to call in with your holiday horror stories – holidays where things went wrong. Our first caller today is Sean from Belfast. Hi Sean.

S   Hello.

P   So where was this holiday?

S   Well, this didn’t happen to me, it happened to my aunt and uncle, last summer.

P   Where did they go?

S   To Ibiza.

P   A fantastic place for a holiday.

S   Yes, fantastic place if you’re seventeen – but they’re nearly seventy!

P   Oh …

S   And they wanted a quiet holiday, a relaxing holiday – you know. They like walking in the countryside, sitting on quiet beaches, things like that. They don’t go abroad very often, but they wanted to do something different.

P   So why did they choose Ibiza? It’s the party island.

S   Yes, it is now but they didn’t know that. You see, they first went to Ibiza in the late sixties, when it was a beautiful, peaceful island with traditional cafés and restaurants, deserted beaches. And this was exactly what they wanted. So they looked on the Internet – my uncle loves his computer – and they booked a hotel for a week in the same part of the island where they’d been before. And they found some cheap flights. It all seemed to perfect.

P   So what happened?

S   You can imagine. It was a complete disaster. Their hotel was in San Antonio, a resort that’s full of bars and discos. There was music until 5.00 in the morning, noise of car doors opening, motorbikes, and people shouting. They couldn’t sleep at all. They were too tired to do anything during the day. They tried to get some sleep, but they couldn’t because it was too hot. When they came home they were in a state of shock.

P   Oh dear. What are their plans for this year?

S   I don’t know. I think they’ll probably stay at home this year … and next year … and probably the year after that.

P   Thank you Sean. And now …

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