A. Listen to the introduction to a TV game show, What’s the word? How do you play the game?

B. Now listen to the show. Write down the six answers.

1   _____________

2   _____________

3   _____________

4   _____________

5   _____________

6   _____________

C. Listen and check your answers.



1 waiter   2 department store   3 mobile phone

4 slim   5 stressed   6 turn off



P = presenter, A = Adam

P   Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to What’s the word? And out first contestant tonight is Adam. Hello Adam. Are you nervous?

A   Just a bit.

P   Well try and relax Adam and play What’s the word? with us. In case you’re watching the show for the first time here’s how we play the game. I have six cards with things, people, or places written on them. I’m going to give Adam definitions and he’s going to try and guess the words on my six cards. But of course, I can’t use any of the words on the cards in my definitions. So, for example, if I have a card with taxi driver, I can’t use taxi or driver in my definition. Are you ready Adam?

A   Er yes.

P   OK. You have two minutes to guess what’s on the six cards starting NOW!



P = presenter, A = Adam

P   OK, you have two minutes to guess what’s on the six cards, starting now! OK, Adam. Card number 1. It’s a person. It’s somebody who works in a restaurant.

A   A cook.

P   No, no, it’s the person who takes the food from the kitchen to the tables.

A   Oh (bleep) / (a waiter).

P   That’s right. Card number 2. It’s a place. It’s a place where you go when you want to buy something.

A   A shop.

P   Yes, but it’s a very big shop where you can buy anything.

A   Is it (bleep) / (a department store)?

P   Yes, well done. OK, card number 3. It’s a thing … mmm. It’s a thing which you use to talk to people.

A   Your mouth?

P   No, no, no. It’s a kind of machine. It’s very small. And nearly everybody has one nowadays.

A   (bleep) / (mobile phone)?

P   That’s it! Card number 4. It’s an adjective. It’s the opposite of fat.

A   Thin?

P   It’s like thin, but it means thin and attractive.

A   (bleep) / (slim)?

P   Yes! Number 5. It’s an adjective again. Er … It’s how you feel when you have a lot of work.

A   Worried?

P   No, but it’s similar to worried. It’s how you feel when you have a lot of things to do but you don’t have time to do them.

A   Busy?

P   No!

A   (bleep)/(stressed)?

P   Yes, brilliant. And card number six, the last one. OK. It’s a verb. For example, you do this with the TV.

A   Watch?

P   No. It’s what you do when you finish watching the TV.

A   Er … go to bed?

P   No, you do it to the TV before you go to bed.

A   Is it (bleep) / (turn off)?

P   Yes!

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