Exercise 1

A. Listen to Anya talking about the photos. Label the photos 1-6 in the order she describes them.

B. Listen again and check. What else can you remember about each photo?


1 E   The photo was taken in York, where Anya is / was at university. She took her mother on a tour of the city. In the background is the Minster (cathedral).

2 C   The photo was taken in Cornwall. It was really windy and cold. Anya and her boyfriend were the only people on the beach.

3 A   The photo was taken at a party on the last day of a music course, which Anya does twice a year. The teachers had put the big frame in a corner, as well as hats and moustaches, etc., for people to take funny photos.

4 F   The photo was taken at a friend’s house in September, before going to university. It shows Anya with her two best friends. She went to school with them.

5 B   The photo was taken in Rome. She went there for a holiday with her mother the summer before she went to university. Her mother took the photo when they were visiting the Colosseum.

6 D   The photo was taken on the river in Oxford, in July. It shows her sister, her mother, and her mother’s partner. They are drinking champagne because it is her mother’s birthday.


A = Anya, F = friend


A   This is me and my mum in York. It was my first term at university, and she came to visit me, and I took her on a tour round the city.

 Is that, er, the cathedral there?

A   Yes – well, it’s called York Minster, but it’s really a cathedral.


A   And this one’s on the beach in Cornwall with my boyfriend, Ollie. I was staying with him in the Easter holidays, and he took me to the beach and we went for a walk.

 It looks windy!

 Yes, it was really windy and cold. I think we were the only people on the beach!


 Nice photo! I like the moustache.

A   Yeah, that’s me and my friend Maisie. We were doing a music course – I do it twice a year, and this was at the party at the end of the course.

F   Why the moustaches and the picture frame?

A   There was this corner that the teachers made where people could take funny photos with the big frame, and hats and moustaches and things.


A   OK, this one is me and two of my best friends – we were at school together. One of them, Libby, the one on my right, has a house by the river, and we went there in September, before we all went to university.


F   That’s a nice photo. In Rome, I guess?

A   Yes, I was there for a holiday with my mum the summer before I went to university. She took this when we were visiting the Colosseum – as you can see.


F   That’s your mum again, isn’t it?

A   Yes, that’s her and her partner, and my sister Roz, on the river in Oxford. My mum’s birthday is in July, and every year we go punting and then we go for dinner. We were all drinking champagne, and Roz was doing the hard work!

Exercise 2

Listen and answer the questions.

 Lewis looks like ____.

      a his father     b his mother

      c his mother and his father

 In the Dali painting that Susie likes there are some dripping ____.

      a clocks     b rocks     c socks

 Shosanna went to Guyana because she wanted to learn ____.

      a about the animals and plants there

      b about her family history

      c the language

 Susan doesn’t put photos of ____ on Instagram.

      a gardens     b flowers     c her family

 Sam only likes watching ____.

      a films with a sad ending

      b films with a happy ending

               c good films


1 c   2 a   3 b   4 c   5 c



I = interviewer, L = Lewis

I   Who do you look like in your family?

L   Er, well people say I often look like my dad a lot. We’ve got the same sort of nose and the same face shape, but I’ve got my mum’s hair colour and my mum’s eyes.

I   Do you have a similar personality?

L   Er, again there is, there are quite a lot of similarities between me and my dad. We’re both into German and speaking German, and also into architecture, which is why I’m here.


I = interviewer, S = Susie

I   Do you have a favourite painting?

S   Um, I think so. I’m not sure of the name of the painting, but I like Salvador Dali. I really like the painting with the dripping clocks.

I   Can you describe it?

S   Er, yes, like I said, there are dripping clocks. It’s very, um, it’s an interesting style. It’s not something you see all the time, and it’s very colourful.


I = interviewer, S = Shosanna

I   Where did you go for your last holiday?

S   My last vacation I went to Guyana, which is my parents’ country in South America.

I   Did you have a good time?

S   I did. It was actually one of the best vacations I had. It was really educational, and I was able to see how my parents grew up, which was interesting.


I = interviewer, S = Susan

I   Do you take a lot of photos?

S   I take a lot of photos. My telephone is full of photos and I use Instagram.

I   What do you usually take photos of?

S   Mostly people, places, gardens, lots of flowers. I never post photos of people, but I take photos of family, but lots of gardens and flowers.


I = interviewer, S = Sam

I   Do you prefer films with a happy or sad ending?

S   Um, it just has to be a good film. I don’t mind if it’s a happy ending or a sad ending.

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