Exercise 1

1. Read sentence 1-6. Do you think Marta or Craig is speaking? Write M or C. Listen and check.

___  We’re going to stay the whole night – until they serve breakfast!

___  This year one of my favourite DJs is playing.

___  They’re going to make a special cream from turmeric.

___  I’m not going to see Monisha until the ceremony begins.

___  I’m meeting the others at 7 pm so we can start queuing.

___  My friends are arriving early tomorrow to help me get ready.

2. Listen again and answer the questions.

1   Why does the college organise the May Ball?

2   What is special about Marta’s dress?

3   Why is Marta going to stay at home on Saturday?

4   What happens at the end of the May Ball?

5   What are Craig’s guests going to do with the special cream?

6   When do the wedding day celebrations start and finish?

7   How does Craig describe the clothes he’s going to wear?

8   What happens at the beginning of the wedding day?



1 M   2 M   3 C   4 C   5 M   6 C


1   to celebrate finishing exams

2   She feels really good in it.

3   to get as much sleep as possible

4   They serve breakfast.

5   They’re going to rub it on his arms and face.

6   They start at 9 am and finish in the afternoon, after lunch.

7   It’s called a ‘kurta pajama’ and it’s really comfortable.

8   Everyone has breakfast together, apart from the bride and her friends.


INTERVIEWER   So Marta, what exactly is a May Ball?

MARTA   Well, it’s a huge party at our college. They have it every summer after we finish our exams because we need to celebrate after all that stress. Everyone gets dressed up, and there’s food and drink and entertainment. There are eight different stages and over 70 bands. This year one of my favourite DJs is playing. I really can’t wait.

I   What are you going to wear?

M   I’ve just bought the dress I’m going to wear – it’s dark blue and I feel really good in it. I’m going to wear it with high heels and some nice jewellery!

I   Is there anything else you need to do?

M   Get ready and sleep! I need to look my best … I’m going to the hairdresser’s tomorrow. And a beautician is doing our make-up. Apart from that, I’m not going to leave the house on Saturday. I’m going to get as much sleep as possible!

I   What time are you leaving?

M   The ball doesn’t start until 9 pm but I’m meeting the others at 7 pm so we can start queuing. Everyone says it takes a really long time to get in … but then we’re going to stay the whole night – until 6 am, when they serve breakfast!

CRAIG   So, hi, everyone – welcome to today’s audio blog. Well, today is the fourth day of my wedding. Everyone’s going to be back here again in a few hours. There’s going to be more dancing and food, of course. And today they’re going to make a special cream from a spice called turmeric and rub it on my face and arms. The idea is that it cleans your skin and makes you ready for marriage. I hope it doesn’t hurt …

Then tomorrow is the wedding day. It starts at 9 am, so quite early. But it finishes in the afternoon, after lunch. My friends are arriving early tomorrow to help me get ready and take me there. I’m going to wear a traditional Indian suit called a ‘kurta pajama’. It’s actually really comfortable. I’m really excited now. I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends and relatives, and, of course, my new wife! But I need to be patient … the first part of an Indian wedding is breakfast with all the guests. The bride eats in a separate room with some of her friends. So I’m not going to see Monisha until the ceremony actually begins, later in the morning.

Exercise 2

1. Mike is visiting his friend Harry in Tokyo for one day. Listen and answer the questions.

 Which places in Tokyo Highlights do they decide to visit?

 Which three other places do they decide to visit?

2. Listen again and answer the questions.

1   Why do they decide not to go to the Imperial Palace?

2   How does Harry describe the noodle restaurant?

3   Why do people do cosplay?

4   Why is Akihabara a good place for Mike’s shopping?

5   Where will they do karaoke?

6   Why does Harry want to go to the fish market at night?



 Yoyogi Park, Akihabara

 A noodle restaurant, karaoke (private room), Tsukiji fish market


 It’s crowded and just a place for tourists.

 The noodles are delicious – some of the best in Tokyo. You eat quickly and then you leave.

 They do it for fun. (They dress up as characters from computer games and cartoons.)

 There are lots of electronics shops there.

 in a private room

 They bring all the fish they’ve just caught. It’s an amazing sight.


Part 1

HARRY   Hello?

MIKE   Hi, Harry! It’s me! I’m here! I’ve just arrived at my hotel.

H   Welcome to Tokyo! Did you have a good journey?

M   Yeah, it was fine. I was so lucky to get a stopover in Japan!

H   And lucky that I’m here to show you around! I’ve already got a few ideas about what we can do.

M   OK, but I really don’t want to go where all the tourists go. I want to see the real Tokyo.

H   OK, so we won’t go to Disneyland then! And I won’t take you to the Imperial Palace, either.

M   OK.

H   I mean, the palace is nice but it’s so crowded. It’s really just a place for tourists.

M   Fine.

H   So … shall we start with something to eat?

M   OK.

H   There’s a great noodle restaurant I know. The noodles are delicious, some of the best in Tokyo. And it’s also really simple. You just eat quickly and then you leave. So we won’t waste any time!

M   Brilliant.

 After that, I’ll take you to Yoyogi Park. It’s a huge park and it’ll be really busy at the moment because everyone’s going to see the cherry blossom.

M   The cherry blossom?

H   Yeah, it’s beautiful. You see young people, businessmen in suits, families – everyone goes to look at the pretty flowers. There are also lots of musicians there, and the teenagers doing ‘cosplay’ …

M   Who?

 Well, basically they’re people who dress up as characters from computer games and cartoons. That kind of thing. They just do it for fun but they spend a lot of time and money on it so they look incredible.

M   Wow – I think I’ve seen pictures of them before. I’d love to see them in real life. And after that?

H   Well, do you want to do any shopping?

M   Actually, yeah – I want to look for a new camera.

H   Excellent. I’ll take you to Akihabara, then. There are lots of electronics shops there. And they often have special offers.

M   Perfect. And what are we doing in the evening?

 I’ve already booked a room for karaoke.

M   Really? I don’t really like karaoke that much. I’m a terrible singer.

 Yeah, but you haven’t tried karaoke Japanese-style! I’ve booked a private room for six people. So, you, me and four of my friends. You’ll love them – they’re really good fun. Anyway, I’ve booked it till 2 am.

M   2 am?! Remember my flight leaves at 7 am tomorrow!

 Don’t worry – you won’t miss your flight! I promise. Anyway, we won’t be finished at 2. After that we’re going to the Tsukiji fish market!

M   A fish market? In the middle of the night?

 Yeah, it’s the best time to go. They bring in all the fish they’ve just caught. Trust me, it’s an amazing sight.

M   OK. This is going to be an interesting day …

H   So, shall I come to your hotel in about an hour?

M   OK, see you in a bit.

H   Bye!

3. Listen to Mike and Harry’s conversation. What was Mike’s favourite part of the day?

4. Listen to the last part of the conversation. What is the problem? What does Harry suggest?



the karaoke


The traffic is bad and Mike will probably miss his flight.

Harry suggests that Mike stays another day.


Part 2

HARRY   Airport, please.


MIKE   Ooof!


M   Yes, and I’m a bit worried about my flight. It leaves in two hours …

 Don’t worry – you’ll be fine. It only takes half an hour to get there. We’ve got plenty of time.

M   Hmm.

 So, what was your favourite part of the day?

M   Difficult question. I liked all of it. The food was great. The fish


M   But I think I liked the karaoke best. It’s such good fun in a private market … well, I’ve never seen anything like that. room. I hate it in England, when you do it in front of 50 strangers.

H   Yeah, absolutely.

Part 3

M   Can you ask the taxi driver to go a bit faster? I really am worried about this flight.

H   Yeah, he is a bit slow. Can you go a bit faster?

M   This is a nightmare now! The flight leaves in an hour.

H   Yeah, I’m really sorry about this. We stayed too long at the fish market. And I didn’t know there’d be so much traffic.

M   Mmm.

H   Look – I’ve got an idea. You enjoyed your day, right?

M   Definitely. Well, until now anyway.

H   Well, change your flight and stay another day. I’ll take the day off work. There are lots more places in Tokyo I want to show you.

M   I don’t know … what about the flight?

H   You can change the flight! Come on, it’ll be great!

M   Yeah, but …

H   Come on … shall I tell the taxi driver to turn round?

M   Well …

Exercise 3

1. Listen to Part 1. Why does Annie call Rachel?

2. Listen again. Answer the questions.

 Why can’t Rachel come on Wednesday?

 What is she doing on Thursday?

 Which day do they agree to have the meal?

 What time do they decide?

 What does Annie want Rachel to bring?



to invite her for a meal (for Leo’s birthday)


1   They’re meeting some friends.

2   She’s working.

3   Monday

4   7 o’clock

5   nothing


Part 1

RACHEL   Hello, Fantastic Flowers.

ANNIE   Oh, hi. Rachel?

R   Yes?

A   It’s Annie.

R   Oh, hi Annie! How are you?

A   I’m OK, thanks. You?

R   I’m great.

A   Listen – you know it’s Leo’s birthday this week?

R   Of course!

A   Well, are you doing anything on Wednesday? Would you like to come round for a meal?

R   Oh, that sounds nice. I’ll just check. No, we can’t do Wednesday. Sorry. We’re meeting some friends.

A   Oh, OK. How about Thursday? Is that OK for you?

R   Thursday … hang on a minute … oh, no, sorry. I’m working on Thursday evening.

A   Oh.

R   This week’s really busy for us. Next week?

A   OK. What are you doing on … Monday?

R   Er, just a moment … Nothing! We can do Monday – perfect.

A   Great!

R   What time shall we come round?

A   Let’s say . . . seven o’clock.

R   OK – and would you like us to bring anything?

A   No, nothing! See you on Monday then!

R   Great! See you then.

3. Listen to Part 2. Where are they? Does Leo like his present?

4. Listen again. Answer the questions.

 Why does Mark want to go for a run tomorrow?

 What does Rachel find out about Leo?

 What do Mark and Leo arrange to do and when?



They are at Annie’s house. Leo probably doesn’t like his present (even though he says he does!). He isn’t a sports fan and he can’t stand football.


 because he’s eaten too much

 He doesn’t like sport, especially football. He likes to go to the gym to keep fit.

 go to the gym next Thursday


Part 2

MARK   That was great!

RACHEL   Yeah, thanks, Annie. You’re a great cook.

ANNIE   Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

M   Enjoyed it? I don’t think I can move!

 Excuse me for a moment.

M   I think I need to go for a run tomorrow.

 I always tell you not to eat so much.

 Rachel, can you come here for a second? I need you to help me carry something.

 I’ll send Mark. He needs the exercise! Go on.

LEO   I think I need to get some exercise as well!

R   Mark said you’re a big sports fan.

L   No, not really. I mean – I like to keep fit, so I go to the gym. But I don’t really like sport. It’s a bit boring. And I can’t stand football.

R   Oh.

A   Happy birthday, Leo!

M&R   Happy birthday!

L   Thanks, everyone. What an amazing cake!

M   Oh … we’ve got this for you, Leo.

 Yes, happy birthday!

L   Oh, you really didn’t need to! Wow, that’s great. I love it! That’s very kind of you.

M   I knew you’d like it! Actually, Leo, I was thinking … since you’re a sports fan, maybe we could do something together some time. Maybe go to a football match?

L   Well … sure, or how about a workout? I like going to the gym. How about that? Do you want to come with me some time?

M   Oh, OK. Why not? The gym sounds great.

L   When are you free? I normally go in the evening.

M   Well, are you going next Tuesday? I’m free then.

L   I can’t Tuesday. How about Thursday?

M   OK. Sounds great!

Exercise 4

1. Listen to three people. What is each person going to do this weekend?

1   Susanna

2   Barbara

3   Sven

2. Listen again and answer the questions.


 Why doesn’t Susanna like parties at home?

 Where is she going to celebrate her 21st birthday?

 What is she going to wear?


4   Why doesn’t Barbara like cooking for people at home?

5   Why does she prefer cooking things together?

6   What’s Barbara going to make for the barbecue on Saturday?


7   What does Sven say people do at parties?

8   What does he prefer to do with friends? Why?

9   What is he going to do at the lake?



Susanna: She’s having her 21st birthday party.

Barbara: She’s having a barbecue.

Sven: He’s going to the countryside / a lake with some old friends.


1   It’s too much work.

2   in a function room at a hotel

3   a new dress

4   She isn’t a very good cook and gets very stressed.

5   It’s more relaxed.

6   some salads

7   They sit around and talk to people about all the usual stuff until it’s time to go home.

8   He prefers to do something together because you don’t get bored.

9   swim, have a picnic, play volleyball


SUSANNA   I don’t really like having a party at home to celebrate. It’s too much work. I think it’s better to go out together and find a nice place where you can celebrate. Then you can all have a good time together.

This weekend, it’s my 21st birthday and we’re going to book a function room at a hotel and have a big party there. All my friends are coming and we’re going to have a band and a DJ. Everyone’s going to look their best – all the men are going to wear suits and I’m going to buy a new dress. I’m really excited about it!

BARBARA   I like inviting friends to my home, but I’m not a very good cook. I always get very stressed if I have to cook meals for people. Everyone else is having a nice time, but I’m just worrying if the food’s OK. So, I don’t really enjoy it. What I do like is if we all cook something together, or if everyone makes something and brings it. I think that makes it more relaxed.

We’re doing that on Saturday. We’re having a barbecue, but I’m just going to make some salads and I’m going to ask everyone to bring something for the barbecue. I’m looking forward to it.

SVEN   I sometimes enjoy parties, but they’re all the same really: you just sit around and talk to people about all the usual stuff until it’s time to go home. With friends, I think it’s better to do something together, then you don’t get bored – like going to the cinema or bowling maybe, or going out somewhere nice together. This weekend, I’m going to the countryside with some old friends I haven’t seen for a long time. We’re going to a lake to swim and have a picnic together, and maybe we’ll play volleyball. That’ll be fun.

Exercise 5

1. Listen to the conversation. Complete the sentences with the names in the box.

Alex      Giles’s mum      Gavino      Giles      Isaac

1   __________ is going to finish university this summer.

2   __________ is marrying an Italian woman.

3   __________ is teaching Giles Italian next week.

4   __________ wants to go sightseeing in Rome.

5   __________ is going on a date tonight.

2. Listen to the conversation again and tick (✓) the correct answers.

 Why is Giles going to Italy this summer?

      a   He is going to a wedding.

      b   His girlfriend is Italian.

      c   He wants to visit Rome.

 Who is Laura?

      a   Giles’s girlfriend.

      b   Alex’s fiancée.

      c   A student in their class.

 What is Giles’s dad going to do if Giles passes his exams?

      a   He’s going to pay for Italian lessons.

      b   He’s going to buy him a new suit.

      c   He’s going to take him to Rome.

 What does Isaac like about Rome?

      a   The new buildings.

      b   The history.

      c   The mix of old and new architecture.

 Where is Isaac going now?

      a   He is going to meet a girl.

      b   He is going to get a haircut.

      c   He is going home.


ISAAC   What are your plans when you finish university this summer, Giles?

GILES   Well, my brother Alex is getting married in July.

 That’s great news. Where is the wedding?

G   His fiancée Laura is Italian so it’s going to be in her town in Tuscany in this magnificent old church there. The town is really pretty.

I   That sounds wonderful. Is it going to be a big wedding?

G   The party is in the town hall, which is huge. Laura’s got a really big family.

I   Have you got to do anything at the wedding?

G   Yes, I have! I’m going to read a poem I wrote.

I   Brilliant! That’s exciting. I guess you’re going to need a new suit for that.

G   Yes, I’ve got to look my best, especially in front of all those Italian guests.

I   Really?

G   Yes, they always have great outfits. My dad’s going to buy me a new suit if I pass my exams. Something really nice.

I   Great! Can you speak any Italian?

G   Si. Un po’! But I’m starting lessons next week. The Italian boy in our class, Gavino, is teaching me.

I   That’s a good idea. How long are you going to Italy for?

G   I’m going for two weeks. I’m flying to Rome with my parents on the fourteenth of July and we’re going to go sightseeing for a few days. My mum wants to see all the ancient buildings.

I   I love Rome. You can walk down a street of really cool modern buildings, then turn a corner and see something that’s two thousand years old. It’s amazing.

G   Wow, I can’t wait to go.

 Anyway, I’ve got to go. I’m going on a date tonight and I want to go to the hairdresser’s before it closes.

G   OK, well make sure you have a shave before you meet her, Isaac.

I   Don’t worry, I will. See you tomorrow then.

G   OK, see you.

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