Exercise 1 – Ordering a meal

Listen to Allie and Mark at the restaurant. Answer the questions.



Main courses

Tomato and mozzarella salad

Mushroom soup

Grilled prawns

Fried chicken

T-bone steak

Grilled salmon

All main courses served with a baked potato or fries

1   What do they order for starters?

2   What does Allie order for the main course?

3   What kind of potatoes do they order?

4   How does Mark want his steak – rare, medium, or well done?

5   What are they going to drink?


1   Allie the tomato and mozzarella salad, Mark the mushroom soup.

2   Fried chicken.

3   Allie a baked potato, Mark (french) fries.

4   Rare.

5   Wine


W = waiter, M = Mark, A = Allie

W   Are you ready to order?

M   Yes, to start a tomato and mozzarella salad – is that right, Allie?

A   Yes.

M   And the mushroom soup for me.

W   And for your main course?

A   I’ll have the fried chicken.

W   With french fries or a baked potato?

A   A baked potato, please.

W   And for you, sir?

M   And I’d like the steak, with french fries.

W   How would you like your steak? Rare, medium, well done?

M   Rare, please.

W   And to drink?

M   Could you bring us the wine list, please?

Exercise 2 – Problems with a meal

Listen and answer the question. What three problems do they have?


The waiter brings Allie fries, not a baked potato.

Mark’s steak is well done, not rare.

There’s a mistake in the check/bill.


W = waiter, M = Mark, A = Allie

W   Chicken for you ma’am, and the steak for you, sir.

 I’m sorry, but I asked for a baked potato, not fries.

W   No problem. I’ll change it.

 Excuse me.

W   Yes, sir?

 I asked for my steak rare and this is well done.

W   I’m very sorry. I’ll send it back to the kitchen.

 Could we have the check, please?

W   Yes, sir … Your check.

 Thanks. Excuse me. I think there’s a mistake in the check. We only had two glasses of wine, not a bottle.

W   Yes, you’re right. I’m very sorry. It’s not my day today! I’ll get you a new check.

 Thank you.

Exercise 3 – After dinner

Listen to Mark and Allie. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

1   Jennifer is Mark’s ex-wife.

2   Mark was married for three years.

3   His wife left him for another man.

4   Allie met her previous boyfriend at work.

5   After dinner they’re going to go dancing.


1   F   She’s his daughter.

2   T

3   F   They broke up because they were very young when they had Jennifer, etc.

4   F   She met him at university.

5   F   They’re going to go for a walk and have another coffee.


W = waiter, M = Mark, A = Allie

W   Your check, sir.

M   Thanks.

W   Thank you.

A   Thank you, Mark. That was a lovely dinner.

M   I’m glad you enjoyed it.

A   How’s your daughter?

M   Jennifer? She’s fine. She’s with her mother in Los Angeles.

A   Mark?

M   Yeah.

A   Can I ask you something? Something personal?

M   Sure. What?

A   How long were you married?

M   Three years.

A   Why did you break up?

M   There were a lot of reasons. We were very young when we had Jennifer. We were both working very hard. We didn’t spend much time together … the usual story. What about you, Allie?

A   Well, there was someone. I met him when I was at university. We were together for two years. We broke up.

M   Why?

A   I don’t know. Usual story!

M   Thank you. Listen, it’s early – it’s only nine o’clock. Shall we go for a walk?

A   Good idea. Where shall we go?

M   There’s a place called Fisherman’s Wharf, it’s right on the bay. There are lots of cafés and bars. We could have another cup of coffee.

A   Fine. Let’s go.

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