Exercise 1

A. Listen. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

 The New York office is smaller than the London office.

2   Barbara is the editor of the magazine

 Rob has never been to New York before.

 Barbara is going to have lunch with Rob and Jenny.

 Holly is going to work with Rob.

 Holly wants to go to the restaurant because she’s hungry.

B. Listen again. Say why the F sentences are false.



1 F   2 T   3 F   4 F   5 T   6 F


 The New York office is much bigger.

 Rob has been to New York before.

 Holly is going to have lunch with Rob and Jenny.

 Holly wants to go to the restaurant because she wants to talk to Rob.


J = Jenny, R = Rob, B = Barbara, H = Holly

J   Well, I think that’s everything. What do you think of the office?

R   It’s brilliant, and much bigger than our place in London.

J   Oh, here’s Barbara. Rob, this is Barbara, the editor of the magazine.

B   It’s good to finally meet you, Rob.

R   It’s great to be here.

B   Is this your first time in New York?

R   No, I came here when I was eighteen. But only for a few days.

B   Well, I hope you get to know New York much better this time!

J   Barbara, I’m going to take Rob out for lunch. Would you like to come with us?

B   I’d love to, but unfortunately I have a meeting at one. So, I’ll see you later. We’re meeting at three, I think.

J   That’s right.

B   Have a nice lunch.


H   Hey, are you Rob Walker?

R   Yes.

H   Hi, I’m Holly. Holly Tyler.

R   Hello, Holly.

H   We’re going to be working together.

J   Really?

H   Didn’t Barbara tell you? I’m going to be Rob’s photographer!

J   Oh, well…We’re just going for lunch.

H   Cool! I can come with you. I mean, I had a sandwich earlier, so I don’t need to eat, but Rob and I can talk. Is that OK?

J   Sure.

H   So, let’s go.

Exercise 2

Listen. Answer the questions.

1   What do Jenny, Rob, and Holly order?

2   What problems do they have?


1   Jenny orders tuna and a green salad. Rob orders steak and fries. Holly doesn’t order anything.

2   The waitress gives Jenny fries instead of a salad and Rob’s steak is rare, not well done.


W = waitress, J = Jenny, R = Rob, H = Holly

W   Are you ready to order?

J   Yes, please.

W   Can I get you something to start with?

J   No, thank you. I’d like the tuna with a green salad.

W   And for you, sir?

R   I’ll have the steak, please.

W   Would you like that with fries or a baked potato?

R   Fries, please.

W   How would you like your steak? Rare, medium, or well done?

R   Well done.

H   Nothing for me.

W   OK. And to drink?

 Water, please.

W   Still or sparkling?

J   Sparkling.


W   The tuna for you, ma’am, and the steak for you, sir.

J   I’m sorry, but I asked for a green salad, not fries.

W   No problem. I’ll change it.

 Excuse me.

W   Yes, sir?

R   Sorry, I asked for my steak well done, and this is rare.

W   I’m really sorry. I’ll take it back to the kitchen.

Exercise 3

A. Listen to Rob, Holly, and Jenny. Do they enjoy the lunch?

B. Listen again and answer the questions.

 What’s Rob going to write about?

 How does Holly offer to help him with interviews?

 What does she say they could do one evening?

 What’s the problem with the check?

 Why does Jenny say it’s time to go?

 Do you think Jenny wanted Holly to come to lunch?



Rob and Holly enjoy the lunch, but Jenny doesn’t.


1   He’s going to write about his first impressions of New York, the nightlife, and music.

2   Holly says she can introduce him to musicians, and she also knows people in the theater and dance.

3   She says they could go to a show.

4   It says three bottles of water, but they only had two.

5   Because Rob has a meeting with Barbara (and maybe because she is getting tired of Holly).

6   No, she wanted to be alone with Rob.


H = Holly, R = Rob, J = Jenny, W = waitress

 So tell me, Rob, what are you going to write about?

 Well, to start with, my first impressions of New York. You know, the nightlife, the music, things like that.

H   Are you planning to do any interviews?

R   I’d like to. Do you have any suggestions?

H   Well, I know some great musicians.

R   Musicians?

H   You know, guys in bands. And I also have some contacts in the theatre and dance.

R   That would be great.

H   Maybe we could go to a show, and after you could talk to the actors.

R   I really like that idea.

W   Can I bring you anything else?

J   Could we have the check, please?

W   Yes, ma’am.


W   Here’s your check.



J   Excuse me. I think there’s a mistake. We had two bottles of water, not three.

W   You’re right. I’m really sorry. It’s not my day today! I’ll get you a new check.

J   Thank you.

H   We’re going to have a fun month, Rob.

R   Yeah, I think it’s going to be fantastic.

J   OK, time to go. You have your meeting…with Barbara at three.

 Oh yeah, right.

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