A. American academic Jake Bevan has arrived in the UK for a conference. He calls an ex-girlfriend, Sarah. Listen to their conversation. What’s the only time they can meet? Write meet Sarah in Jake’s phone calendar on the right.

B. Listen again and complete the calendar with the appointments from the list. There are two you don’t need.

go to conference party

have dinner with Mark

have lunch with David

give my talk

go to talk on climate change

have breakfast meeting



Tuesday at 11:00


8:15 breakfast meeting   2:00 my talk 

4:00 talk: climate change   7:30 dinner with Mark


S = Sarah, J = Jake

S   Hello?

J   Sarah?

S   Hi, Jake.

J   Hi. Great to hear your voice! How are things?

S   Oh fine, fine. How was the journey? When did you arrive in the UK?

J   Last night. The journey was fine. I got a cheap flight with Alitalia, but it meant a long stopover in Rome, but I went on a guided tour and I had a great time.

S   That sounds like fun. What did you think of Rome?

J   Fantastic. I loved it. So when can we meet?

S   I’m afraid I’m really busy this week. The only possible day for me is Tuesday. I’m going to London from Wednesday to Friday…

J   Tuesday. Let me look at my calendar.

S   Wow, Jake, you put things in your calendar! You’re much more organized than when we were going out.

J   Well, I’m better than I was. But I nearly lost my passport when I was in Rome. OK, Tuesday. I’m not free in the evening. I’m having dinner with Mark Taylor, my old professor. Do you remember him? It’s at seven thirty. I can’t change that. How about lunch?

S   It depends on the time. A late lunch would be OK, around one forty-five?

 The problem is I’m giving my talk at two. And I’m having a breakfast meeting at eight fifteen with some colleagues.

S   Well, morning coffee, or tea in the afternoon, then. What are you doing then?

J   Let’s see…I’m going to a talk about climate change at four, so I think maybe morning coffee is best. And then we can try to arrange another time.

S   OK. There’s a nice coffee bar in the high street called The Grand Café. Meet there at eleven?

 Perfect. I’m really looking forward to it!

S   Me too. Bye.

C. Listen to Jake and Sarah. Do you think they’re going to meet again? Why (not)?


J = Jake, S = Sarah

J   Sarah! Sorry I’m late!

S   Same old Jake. You were always late. Good to see you. You look really well.

J   You look fantastic.

S   Thank you. What would you like? I’m having a cappuccino.

 The same for me. And a croissant or something. Excuse me…can we order some coffee please?


J   It’s great to see you again, Sarah – just like old times. You really haven’t changed. We need to meet again. Are you doing anything on Saturday?

 Well, actually…

 Lunch? Dinner? Breakfast?

 Jake, there’s something I need to tell you. I’m not single now. In fact, um…in fact, I’m with someone. He’s called Mike, and… we’re getting married on Saturday. That’s why I’m so busy all this week…

 Wow! That’s…that’s great news! I wish you all the best!

S   Thanks, Jake. Would you like another coffee, or a croissant?

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