Exercise 1

1. Listen and answer the questions.

 What happened after Caroline saw the sharks?

 How did Caroline feel when she was back on the fishing boat?

 How has the experience changed Caroline?


1   She stopped feeling frightened.

2   happy, embarrassed, shocked and angry

3   She got worried every time she dived, and stopped diving.


INTERVIEWER   So what did you do?

CAROLINE   Well, I was really confused. I thought I was going to die. I didn’t really know what to do – I just wanted to get out of the water. But then I saw a shark; then another, and another. And suddenly I stopped feeling frightened. I forgot about dying, and watched those amazing fish moving through the water. Seeing those sharks probably saved my life, because they made me feel relaxed. I started breathing better and – very slowly – I made my way to the top.

I   And how did you feel when you got back to the surface?

 Well, once we were back on the fishing boat, I felt a lot of different things. I was happy to be alive, but I was also embarrassed because I used most of my air. And I was shocked and angry with my instructor for taking me down to 40 metres and then disappearing.

 And how has the whole experience changed you?

C   After that experience, every time I tried to dive, I got really worried. In the end, I stopped scuba diving. I still love sharks, but I’ll never go that deep again to see them.

Exercise 2

1. Look at the interview’s questions below. Listen and make notes on Aaron’s answers.

 What happened to you?

 How did it happen?

 What went wrong?

 How did you feel?

 Did the others help you?

 Did that experience stop you from jumping?


 parachute jumping – was pulled along under plane

 not experienced – went first

 wind pushed me to side – stuck against plane – hanging from parachute

 frightened – could die

 pilot slowed – others (Monica, Ben) freed me



INTERVIEWER   So, Aaron, your story is pretty amazing. What happened to you?

AARON   Well, I think I’m very lucky to be alive today. I was pulled along under a plane when we were flying at a height of 6,000 metres.

I   Wow! That’s unbelievable! How did it happen?

A   So there were three people in the plane that day. Me, and two other jumpers, Monica and Ben. I wasn’t an experienced parachute jumper at the time. I had only done about fifteen jumps.

 So, what went wrong?

A   Well … Monica told me I should go first … I stood up and put my foot outside the plane door, but then the wind pushed me to the side. I was stuck, flat against the side of the plane. I tried to push myself away, but it didn’t work. Then, part of my parachute got stuck on the plane, I couldn’t move my leg so I couldn’t fall. I was hanging under the plane, hanging from my parachute, and there was nothing I could do. The others couldn’t see me. The plane was just pulling me along in the sky and nobody knew I was there.

 That sounds terrifying! How did you feel?

A   Obviously, I was very frightened. I knew how dangerous it was. I knew I could die if I hit the engine at the back of the plane.

I   So did the others help you?

A   At first, they didn’t know I was there. But when Monica was getting ready to jump, she saw me and shouted ‘Aaron’s under the plane!’ The pilot slowed the plane down and they freed my parachute. When I started to fall, I felt better, but when I landed I was shocked to think about what had happened.

 Did that experience stop you from jumping?

A   No, but I realised how serious it was. Because I jumped first, Monica saw me and saved me, but if I had been the last one to jump, I would have died. Because the pilot could not have saved me while he was flying the plane.

Exercise 3

1. Look at the picture. Annie is telling Rachel about some bad news. What do you think the news might be? Listen to Part 1 and check your ideas?


Annie is going to lose her job.


Part 1

RACHEL   Hi, Annie.

ANNIE   Oh, hi Rachel. Thanks for coming.

 That’s OK. Here, I brought you some flowers.

 Oh, thank you. They’re lovely.

 Oh, that’s OK. What’s happened?

 It’s work. My boss asked to see me this afternoon. And she told me I’m going to lose my job.

 Oh, how awful! I’m really sorry to hear that. Did she say why?

 She just said the company’s having problems.

 That’s terrible.

 Yeah … anyway, I’ll make some tea.

2. Listen to Part 2. What advice does Rachel give about …?

 Annie’s boss

 Annie’s colleagues


 changing jobs

3. Listen again. Which advice in 2 does Annie disagree with? Why?



1   Speak to her because maybe there’ll be other jobs there.

2   Speak to them and ask them what they’re doing.

3   Mark works in marketing; Annie and Rachel will speak to him about jobs.

4   It could be a good thing ‒ the chance to do something new.


2   She doesn’t want to stay; she doesn’t think there are any other jobs.

3   Her boss told her not to talk to anyone else.


RACHEL   So, what happened when you talked to your boss? Did you ask when you’re going to lose your job? Or if it’s completely certain?

ANNIE   No, I didn’t say much. I was too upset.

R   Of course you were.

 I didn’t really ask anything. What do you think I should do?

R   OK, well, I’d get all the details first.


R   So I think you should speak to your boss again. Maybe there’ll be other jobs there.

 I don’t think that’s a good idea. I don’t know if I want to stay. Lots of people are unhappy there. And I don’t think there are any other jobs anyway.

 OK, but I think it’s a good idea to ask. You don’t know what she’ll say.

 I suppose so.

 And why don’t you speak to some of the people you work with? Ask them what they’re doing?

 Mmm, I don’t think I should do that. My boss told me not to talk to anyone else. Because other people are going to lose their jobs too.

 Mmm. You work in marketing, right?

A   Yeah.

 Well, Mark works in marketing, too. His company’s often looking for new people.

A   Really? Do you think I should speak to him about it?

 Definitely. I’ll speak to him, too.

A   OK. Great.

 And I wouldn’t worry too much – changing jobs could be a good thing. You’ll have the chance to do something new.

A   Yeah – you’re right.

4. Annie is worried about Leo. Listen to Part 3 and answer the questions.

1   Why is Annie worried about Leo?

2   What explanation does Rachel give?


1   Annie thinks Leo might not be interested in her any more.

2   He’s probably busy.


RACHEL   Is that everything, Annie? Has something else happened?

ANNIE   No, it’s stupid …

 Come on – you can tell me.

 Well, it’s just – I called Leo to talk about my job but he didn’t answer the phone. I sent him a text but he still hasn’t replied.

R   Don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll call you soon.

A   Yeah. Maybe he’s not interested in me any more. Oh, I don’t know.

R   Oh, you shouldn’t worry. He’s probably just busy at work!

A   You’re right, you’re right.

R   Everything will be fine. Call Mark tomorrow. I’ll tell him what’s happened when he comes home tonight.

A   OK.

 And I’m sure Leo will ring you soon!

A   Thanks, Rachel … for your help.

 That’s OK! That’s what friends are for!

Exercise 4

1. Listen to Chloe, Bod and Marisa talking about problems with work and study. Complete the first row of the table.





What’s the main problem?




What are the details of the problem?




How does she/he feel?




What advice has she/he had from friends or family?




2. Listen again and complete the table.






What’s the main problem?

(new) job

learning Polish

exams/not sleeping

What are the details of the problem?

old boss left (a family problem) and gave her the job; hasn’t had any training and doesn’t feel ready to be a manager and make decisions

not very good at languages at school not the kind of person who can just

exams/not sleeping didn’t do very well in exams last year and was disappointed with results

How does she/he feel?


listen to a language and learn it

really tired

What advice has she/he had from friends or family?

do something relaxing after work, like go for a walk on the beach

excited at first, confused now

take more breaks


CHLOE   The problem is that I think about my job even in my free time. I’m so busy during the day I don’t have time to think and then when I get home I spend all my time thinking and worrying. You see, my old boss had to leave in a hurry – a family problem – and they gave me his job. But I haven’t had any training and I don’t feel ready to be a manager and make decisions. Friends tell me I should do something relaxing after work, like go for a walk on the beach. But I still can’t stop thinking about meetings I’ve been to or meetings I will have to go to the next day. And all the reports I have to write! There’s so much to do and I just feel so stressed.

BOB   At first I was excited about doing something new. I’ve never done anything like this before. Well, I’m sorry to say I’ve stopped feeling excited, I’m just generally confused. I don’t feel like I’m improving at all. The thing is my wife is Polish and I want to be able to speak to people in her family when we go to Poland. I wasn’t very good at languages at school. I mean, I learnt a little bit of French and that was quite hard. But I find Polish really difficult. My wife says ‘don’t worry – when we go to Poland you’ll really start to learn’. But, to be honest, I’m not so sure. I don’t think I’m the kind of person who can just listen to a language and learn it.

MARISA   I feel really tired, because I haven’t been sleeping well for the past week. I stay up late most nights and drink coffee to stay awake. I read the books on my booklist and the notes I’ve made during the year again and again. And I test myself all the time to help me remember information. My parents tell me I should take more breaks. They forget that I didn’t do very well in my exams last year and I was very disappointed with my results. I really want to do well this year, so I need to do all this work. So, I think I’m just going to have to continue like this until I’m sure that I can remember everything.

Exercise 5

1. Listen to three friends talking about studying. Tick (✓) the people that match the statements.





1   I can’t study at home.




2   I study in the library.




3   I haven’t got a good memory.




4   I listen to a recording of myself to help me remember.




5   I can help someone with their revision.




2. Listen to the three friends talking about studying again. Tick (✓) the correct answers.

1   What is Georgia’s problem?

      a   Her brother is disturbing her.

      b   She hasn’t got a laptop to use for studying.

      c   She doesn’t want to go to the library to study.

2   What does Max suggest Georgia do?

      a   She should go to the library to study.

      b   She must tell someone to stop.

      c   She should ask her parents to help her with the problem.

3   What is Georgia going to do?

      a   Talk to someone about the problem.

      b   Go somewhere else to avoid the problem.

      c   Talk to someone and go somewhere else.

4   Who has a problem with History?

      a   Georgia.

      b   Max.

      c   Marsha.

5   What is Georgia embarrassed about?

      a   Her poor memory.

      b   Making a song to help her revise.

      c   Her marks in the Physics exam.

6   What is Marsha’s problem?

      a   She is confused by a subject.

      b   She doesn’t want to study a subject.

      c   She has to take a subject again next year.


MARSHA   Hi, Georgia. How are you?

GEORGIA   Hi. Not so good. I’m getting really annoyed with my little brother Jim at the moment. I’m trying to revise for my exams and he keeps stopping me from working. Sometimes he listens to his music very loudly late at night, sometimes he borrows something from me that I need to study, like my dictionary or laptop. I can’t concentrate on my work for more than a few minutes. It’s terrible.

MAR   You should go and study in the library. It’s really quiet there and you won’t have to deal with the interruptions. I go there most weekends to study.

MAX   You shouldn’t have to go somewhere else. Ask your parents to deal with your brother. Your exams are more important than your brother. Your parents understand that.

G   That’s a good idea, Max. I’ll ask my dad for help tonight. My brother will listen to him. And I’ll also think about going to the library at the weekend. It’s nice to have a change sometimes when you’re studying. How’s your revision going, Max?

MAX   My problem is I just can’t remember anything from History. I read a page and then ten minutes later I’ve forgotten it.

MAR   That’s not unusual. You should try writing down what you’ve just read. It’s amazing how much more you will remember that way.

G   And you should also record yourself speaking your notes and then you can listen to them on your MP3 player. You’ll be surprised how much you can remember.

MAX   Yes, I’ll definitely try those ideas.

G   Sometimes I even sing my notes. It’s a bit embarrassing, but it will help you to remember lots of information.

MAX   That’s a brilliant idea.

MAR   Any advice to help me understand Physics? It’s so confusing. I look at it, I can read it, I can remember it, but when I think about it, I just don’t understand it.

G   It doesn’t sound like Physics is your subject, Marsha. Perhaps you should do something else!

MAX   That’s not very nice, Georgia. I’m really interested in Physics. I’m happy to help you with it if you like, Marsha. I think you just need someone to explain it to you.

MAR   Thanks, Max. I think that Georgia might be right, but I really want to pass the Physics exam this year, so I don’t have to do it again next year. Are you free this weekend?

MAX   No, I’m afraid not. I need to record all my history notes on to my MP3 player!

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