Exercise 1 – Checking out

Listen to Allie talking to the receptionist. Answer the questions.

1   When is she leaving the hotel?

2   When does she want to pay?

3   What time is her flight?

4   What time does she have to be at the airport?

5   What is the message for her?


1   tomorrow morning

2   this evening

3   at 9.15

4   at 7.15

5   to call New York


R = Receptionist, A = Allie

R   Good afternoon. How can I help you?

A   Hi. I’m leaving tomorrow morning very early. Could you prepare my bill so I can pay this evening?

R   Of course.

A   And could you order me a cab?

R   For what time?

A   My flight’s at 9.15, so I have to be at the airport at 7.15.

R   Then you’ll need a cab at six o’clock. I’ll order one for you.

A   Thanks. Oh, and has there been a phone call for me?

R   Oh yes. There’s a message for you. Can you call this number in New York?

A   Right. Thanks.

R   You’re welcome.

Exercise 2 – Making phone calls

Listen and answer the questions.

1   Who does Allie want to speak to?

2   What happens the first time she calls?

3   Is the news good or bad?

4   What is it?


1 Lisa Formosa

2 She gets the wrong number.

3 Good.

4 She got the job in Paris.


A = Allie, L = Lisa

B   Hello.

A   Hello. Is that MTC?

B   Sorry, you’ve got the wrong number.

A   Oh sorry.

C   MTC New York. How can I help you?

A   Hello. Can I speak to Lisa Formosa, please?

C   Just a moment. I’ll put you through.

D   Hello.

A   Hi, is that Lisa?

D   No, I’m sorry. She’s not at her desk right now.

A   Can I leave a message, please?

D   Sure.

A   Tell her Allie Gray called. I’ll call back in five minutes.

C   MTC New York. How can I help you?

A   Hello. Can I speak to Lisa Formosa, please?

C   Just a moment. I’m sorry, the line’s busy. Do you want to hold?

A   OK, I’ll hold.

L   Hell.

A   Hi Lisa. It’s Allie Gray.

L   Alli, hi. How’s California?

A   Great, great. Well? Is it good news or bad news?

L   It’s good. You got the job in Paris!

A   Oh wonderful! That’s fantastic.

Exercise 3 – Saying goodbye?

Listen and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

1   Mark thinks that their relationship has a future.

2   She thinks it’s a problem that Mark is very different from her.

3   Mark tells Allie he’s going to move to another company.

4   Allie is very surprised.

5   Allie is going to be Mark’s wife.


1 T

2 F   She thinks it’s a problem that they live so far apart.

3 F   To another office but with the same company.

4 T

5 F   She’s going to be Mark’s boss!


A = Allie, M = Mark

A   Thanks for everything. I’ve had a great time here.

M   Cheers. To us. Allie – we need to talk – about the future. I mean, about our future.

A   Yes.

M   Allie, I really think we have a future together. I’m serious.

A   So am I, Mark. But the problem is you live here and I live in London. We’re 6,000 miles apart.

M   Maybe that’s not going to be a problem – I have something to tell you. We’re not going to be 6,000 miles apart. We’re only going to be 300 miles apart.

A   What do you mean?

M   You know the new MTC office that’s opening in Paris next month?

A   Yes?

M   Well, I’m going there. I’m going to be the marketing manager. Isn’t that amazing? I’ll only be an hour away from you!

A   You’re joking.

M   No, I’m serious. What’s the matter? Aren’t you pleased? You don’t look very happy.

A   Yes, I am happy. It’s amazing. But I have something to tell you too.

M   Oh?

A   I’m going to the Paris office too! I’ve just heard. That was the phone call I was waiting for.

M   I don’t believe it. That’s wonderful! We’ll be together!

A   Yes. But there’s just one little thing, Mark.

M   What’s that?

A   I’m going to be the director in Paris. I’m going to be your boss.

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