Exercise 1 – Directions

Listen to Allie talking to the hotel receptionist. Order the directions 1-5.

___ It’s the third street on the left.

___ Go straight ahead, down Sutter Street.

___ Go out of the hotel and turn left.

___ Union Square will be right in front of you.

___ Turn left at Stockton.


1   Go out of the hotel and turn left.

2   Go straight ahead, down Sutter Street.

3   Turn left at Stockton.

4   It’s the third street on the left.

5   Union Square will be right in front of you.


R = Receptionist, A = Allie

R   Good morning, ma’am. How can I help you?

A   I want to go shopping. Where’s the best place to go?

R   Well, all the big department stores are ground Union Square.

A   Can you tell me how to get there?

R   Yes, of course. Go out of the hotel and turn left. Go straight ahead, down Sutter Street. Turn left at Stockton – it’s the third street on the left. Union Square will be right in front of you. You can’t miss it.

A   Thanks.

Exercise 2 – Asking for information

Listen and answer the questions. Where does Allie want to go? How is she going to get there?


Allie wants to go to the museum of modern art (SEMOMA).

She’s going to walk there.


A = Allie, R = Receptionist

A   Can you recommend a good museum?

R   Well, SFMOMA is fantastic.

A   Sorry. Where did you say?

R   SFMOMA. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

A   Where is it?

R   On Third Street.

A   How far is it from Union Square?

R   Not far. It’s just a couple of blocks.

A   Can I walk from there?

R   Sure. It’ll take you ten minutes.

A   Can you show me on the map?

R   Yes, Union Square is here, and the museum is here. From Union Square you go down Geary to the end and turn right. That’s Third Street. Go down Third and you’ll see SFMOMA on the left.

A   What time does it open?

R   It opens at 11.00.

A   Thanks very much.

R   Have a good day. I’m sure you’ll love the museum.

Exercise 3 – Looking for Union Square

Listen and circle a or b.

1   Allie and the man …

      a   have met before.

      b   haven’t met before.

2   Mark is …

      a   meeting Allie later.

      b   in a meeting.

3   Del Monico’s is …

      a   a coffee bar.

      b   a restaurant.

4   Brad wants to …

      a   go shopping with Allie.

      b   take Allie to Union Square.

5   Brad loves …

      a   Allie’s conversation.

      b   Allie’s pronunciation.


1 a   2 b   3 a   4 b   5 b


A = Allie, B = Brad

A   Oh, where is it? Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to Union Square?

B   Hey – don’t I know you?

A   I don’t think so.

B   Allie, I’m Brad! Brad Martin from the Los Angeles office. I’m Mark’s friend, remember? We met yesterday at the hotel.

A   Oh yes, that’s right. Brad. I’m so sorry.

B   No problem. What are you doing here?

A   I want to go shopping. I’m looking for Union Square. But I’m lost.

B   Where’s Mark?

A   He’s at the hotel – he had a meeting, I think.

B   Listen, Allie. I’m going to take you for a cup of coffee at Del Monico’s – they have the best coffee in San Francisco, and amazing cookies. And then I’ll walk with you to Union Square.

A   That’s really kind of you. Are you sure?

B   Absolutely. It’s my pleasure.

A   OK. Great. I’m awful with new cities. I always get lost.

B   Oh, I love your British accent …

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