Exercise 1

Listen to the conversation. Where are they going to stay? How will they get there?

Answers & Audioscripts

They are going to stay at Julia’s aunt and uncle’s beach house. They will get there by bus.


NANCY:   By the way, where are we going to stay?

JULIA:   Oh. We can stay at my aunt and uncle’s beach house. They have plenty of room and I’m sure they’ll be happy to have guests. I’ll call them tonight to let them know what time we’re going to arrive. I guess we’ll leave pretty early. There’s a direct bus every morning at 5:00 a.m.

NANCY:   That’s fine with me. I think I’ll be too excited to sleep!

Exercise 2

A. Listen to an interview with a spokeswoman from the New York City Visitors Center. Check (✓) the four topics she discusses.

eating out   history   money   planning a trip   safety   tours

B. Listen again. For each topic, write one piece of advice she gives.

Answers & Audioscripts

planning a trip, tours, safety, money


INTERVIEWER:   What should people do to make their visit to New York City safe and pleasant?

SPOKESWOMAN:   Don’t try to do too much in a short time. That’s very important. You should start planning before you get here. You ought to decide in advance which sights you most want to see.

INTERVIEWER:   Are there any good tours available?

SPOKESWOMAN:   Oh, yes, there are many. Some companies offer bus tours that stop at all the major tourist attractions. You can buy a pass, so you can get on and off wherever you like. That saves you time. And you should visit our website to find out about the latest tours and special events.

INTERVIEWER:   I see. And is New York a safe city for visitors?

SPOKESWOMAN:   It’s safer than many cities in the world. But just like in any big city, you should still be careful. For example, don’t go off on your own, especially at night. And never carry much cash on you. Oh! And don’t be afraid to ask questions. Even American visitors have to ask for help when they come here. You’ll find that New Yorkers are pretty friendly. They like welcoming visitors to their city and are happy to give directions.

INTERVIEWER:   One last thing – is it an expensive city to visit?

SPOKESWOMAN:   It can be, but there are a lot of places in the city where you don’t have to spend a lot of money. If you’re a student, you should bring your student ID card with you. That way, you can get a discount at museums and galleries.

INTERVIEWER:   Is there anything else you’d like to add?

SPOKESWOMAN:   Yeah, just that most people have a great time when they come to New York. And I’m sure you will, too!

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