Exercise 1

Now listen to Raj talk to his friend. What does he find unusual about the way people in North America communicate?

Answers & Audioscripts

Raj finds the way people end a conversation unusual. For example, they’ll say things like, “Hey, let’s get together soon.” He thought it was an invitation, but it’s just a way of saying good-bye.


FREDDY:   So how are things at school, Raj?

RAJ:   Oh, pretty good, actually.

FREDDY:   Do you find it easy to communicate with people?

RAJ:   Most of the time – though there are some things I find a bit unusual – for example, the way that people end a conversation. You know, they’ll say things like, “Hey, let’s get together soon.” At first, I thought that they were inviting me to do something, but then I realized it’s just a way of saying good-bye. It’s not really an invitation at all. It takes a bit of getting used to.

Exercise 2

A. Listen to three conversations about driving. Check (✓) True or False for each statement.






The man hasn’t had a parking ticket lately.


Parking isn’t allowed there during working hours.


The fine for parking is $16.


The woman is driving faster than the speed limit.


There are other cars in her lane.


The lane is reserved for buses and taxis.


The other drives are flashing their lights.


He’s driving with his lights on.


The other drivers are giving him a warning.

B. Listen again. Which of the drivers did something wrong?

Answers & Audioscripts


1 False, True, False

2 False, False, True

3 True, False, True


All the drivers did something wrong:

Driver 1 parked in the wrong place.

Driver 2 was driving in the wrong lane.

Driver 3 was speeding, but slowed down.



MAN:   Oh, no. Not another parking ticket. That’s the second one this week. Why did I get a ticket for parking here? I thought this was a free parking zone.

WOMAN:   Maybe you can only park here after working hours. Is there a sign around anywhere?

MAN:   Oh, you’re right. There’s one over there. I didn’t even notice it. Looks like you can’t park here till after 6:00 p.m.

WOMAN:   How much is the fine?

MAN:   Would you believe it? Sixty dollars!


WOMAN:   I wonder why that traffic officer is signaling me?

MAN:   Perhaps he means you’re driving too fast.

WOMAN:   No, I don’t think so. The speed limit is 60, and I’m only going 55.

MAN:   Hmm. I wonder why there are no other cars in this lane.

WOMAN:   What do you mean?

MAN:   Well, you see how the other cars are all in the lane next to us.

WOMAN:   You’re right. I think this one is just for buses and taxis. They really should put up better signs around here.


MAN:   That’s weird. The last few cars driving toward us were flashing their lights.

WOMAN:   I see what you mean. There’s another one.

MAN:   Maybe my lights are on or something. Let me check. No, they’re off.

WOMAN:   Do you think there’s an accident up ahead? Maybe you’d better slow down.

MAN:   Oh, now I see what’s happening. There’s a patrol car up ahead checking people’s speed. How nice of those other drivers to let me know! Well, I’m within the speed limit – at least I am now!

Exercise 3

A. Listen to some people talking. Write what each person is talking about.





B. Listen again. What does each person mean? Check (✓) the best answer.

1    He is confused.

      He is nervous.

2    She enjoyed it.

      She hated it.

3    He didn’t understand it.

      He thought it was interesting.

4    She is frustrated.

      She is bored.

Answers & Audioscripts


1 a road sign   2 a movie

3 a lecture   4 a swimming pool


1 He is confused.

2 She hated it.

3 He thought it was interesting.

4 She is frustrated.



MAN:   That road sign looks kind of strange to me. I wonder what it means. Perhaps it means the road gets slippery when it’s wet. Or it might mean that the road is very curvy.


WOMAN:   That’s the last time I’ll watch one of his movies. It started out OK, but the ending was terrible! The last scene could mean they stay together. But it may also mean they never see each other again. I can’t stand when directors leave the ending so open!


MAN:   Wow! That lecture really made me think. Everything the professor said makes sense. I could never understand Greek philosophy before, but he made it all so clear! Maybe this means I should change my major to philosophy!


WOMAN:   I can’t believe how many rules they have at this pool. They look through all your bags to make sure you don’t have any food or glass containers. I guess that probably means a lot of people try to bring those things in. All I wanted was to go for a swim!

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