Exercise 1

A. Listen to the conversation. What else has changed in their neighborhood?

Answers & Audioscripts

The bookstore is now a hair salon.


MATT:   Well, what about that old bookstore? Do you know if it’s still there?

TANYA:   No, it’s not. Now it’s a hair salon.

MATT:   Really? What about the Thai restaurant next to it? I loved that place.

TANYA:   Oh, that’s still there.

MATT:   Let’s go there this weekend. I’ll drive. I can pick you up.

TANYA:   Great!

Exercise 2

A. Listen to people discuss changes. Check (✓) the topic each person talks about.





or worse?

1  population



2  transportation



3  families



B. Listen again. Write down the change and check (✓) if things are better or worse now.

Answers & Audioscripts


1 environment   2 transportation   3 families



Better or worse?

1  greener now; the city has planted trees


2  used to be a good bus system; now buses don’t run often and are usually full


3  used to be many children; kids have grown up and moved away; now it’s too quiet





MAN:   How long have you been living here?

WOMAN:   Oh, for over 20 years.

MAN:   And have you noticed a lot of changes during that time?

WOMAN:   Oh, yes, quite a few. This is a much nicer place to live now than it used to be. It’s much greener. When I first moved here, there weren’t many trees around. But over the last few years, the city has planted trees everywhere. It’s made such a difference.


WOMAN:   How do you like living here?

MAN:   Well, it’s an interesting city. But you really need a car here. You can’t go anywhere without one. There used to be a good bus system, but there isn’t anymore.

WOMAN:   Why is that?

MAN:   Oh, I think they expect everyone to have a car, so they don’t bother to provide decent bus service. It’s getting worse and worse. These days, you have to wait a long time for a bus. And when one finally shows up, it’s usually full!


WOMAN 1:   I can’t believe how much this neighborhood has changed!

WOMAN 2:   What do you mean?

WOMAN 1:   Well, when Joe and I first bought this house – that was almost 20 years ago, of course – there were lots of young couples with children living on this street.

WOMAN 2:   I don’t see any kinds out today.

WOMAN 1:   That’s because they’ve all grown up and moved out of their parents’ houses. The only young children we see around here these days are the grandchildren when they come to visit. It’s too bad. I miss the sounds of kids playing. It’s gotten way too quiet around here!

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