Exercise 1

A. Mike has just returned from Brazil. Listen to him talk about Carnaval.

What was his favorite thing about it?

B. Listen again and answer these questions.

What is Carnaval?

How long does it last?

When is it?

What is the samba?

Answers & Audioscripts


The best part about Carnaval was the big parade.


Carnaval is a party.

It lasts for four days.

It’s in late February or early March.

The samba is a dance.


MIKE:   Isn’t this music fantastic? It’s from a samba CD that I got when I was in Brazil for Carnaval. Carnaval is a big party or celebration and usually lasts for four days. It’s in late February or early March, but you need to book a hotel room early because hotels fill up really quickly. People celebrate Carnaval all over Brazil, but the most famous party is in Rio de Janeiro. There are colorful decorations all over the city. It’s really beautiful. And everyone is very friendly – especially to visitors from other countries. My favorite thing about Carnaval is the big parade. The costumes are amazing – people work on them for months. It’s really fantastic to watch. Everyone dances the samba in the streets. I’d really recommend you try to go to Rio for Carnaval.

Exercise 2

Listen to the conversation. What did the bridge and groom give each guest?

Answers & Audioscripts

The bride and groom gave each guest a box filled with sweets.


JILL:   I’m curious. What did you and your husband give everyone?

EMIKO:   Well, sugar is a symbol of happiness in Japan. So we gave each guest a box filled with sweets.

JILL:   What a nice custom. It sounds like it was a wonderful day!

EMIKO:   Oh, it really was…

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