Exercise 1

Listen to these opinions about city services. Match them to the correct pictures.

Answers & Audioscripts

1 c   2 a   3 b


1   The streets are dark and dangerous. I don’t think there are enough police officers. And we need more streetlights.

2   There’s too much pollution from cars, motorcycles, and old buses. In cities with less pollution, people are healthier.

3   There should be fewer cars, but I think that the biggest problem is parking. There just isn’t enough parking.

Exercise 2

A. Listen to a city resident talk to her new neighbor about the city. Check (✓) True or False for each statement.




1  Jacob already started his new job downtown.

2  The city needs more buses.

3  There aren’t enough tourists in the city.

4  Not many people ride bikes in the city.

5  Sophia offers to lend Jacob her bike.

B. Listen again. For the false statements, write the correct information.

Answers & Audioscripts


1 False   2 True   3 False   4 False   5 True


1   He starts his new job tomorrow.

3   In summer, there are too many tourists.

4   People ride their bikes a lot.


Sophia:   Hi, there. I’m Sophia. You must be my new neighbor!

Jacob:   Yes, hi! My name’s Jacob.

Sophia:   Welcome to the building! Are you all moved in?

Jacob:   I am! Tomorrow I start my new job downtown.

Sophia:   That’s great. So you have a car?

Jacob:   No, I don’t. I was planning to take the bus there.

Sophia:   Oh, you don’t want to do that. It’ll take forever. There aren’t enough buses in this city. We really need more public transportation.

Jacob:   Really?

Sophia:   Yeah, everyone has a car. And in summer there are way too many tourists, so there are even more cars than usual right now. And don’t even ask about parking!

Jacob:   Well, I really don’t want to buy a car. Is it safe to ride a bike?

Sophia:   Yeah, people ride their bikes a lot, actually. Do you have one?

Jacob:   No, I don’t, but I guess I’ll buy one.

Sophia:   If you want, you can borrow my bike tomorrow. And I know a great bike shop I can recommend.

Jacob:   Wow, thanks, Sophia! I appreciate it.

Exercise 3

Listen to the conversation. Check (✓) the information that Rachel asks for.

the cost of the bus fare

the cost of a city guide

the location of a taxi stand

the location of a bookstore

Answers & Audioscripts

the cost of the bus fare, the location of a bookstore


Rachel:   Excuse me. It’s me again. I’m sorry. I need some more information – if you don’t mind. Do you know how much the bus costs?

Clerk:   It’s $10. You can buy a ticket on the bus.

Rachel:   $10? Wow.

Clerk:   Well, a taxi costs about $25.

Rachel:   Hmm, OK. And do you know where a bookstore is? I’d like to get a city guide.

Clerk:   Go two blocks down and turn right. You’ll see one on your left.

Rachel:   Thanks very much. Have a nice day.

Clerk:   You, too.

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