Exercise 1

A. Listen to Kate, Rosie, and John answering questions about shopping. Which chain stores do they mention?

B. Listen again. What did each person buy? Are they happy with what they bought?



Kate: H&M

Rosie: Top Shop and The Body Shop

John: Uniqlo


Speaker 1 (Kate):   a skirt; yes

Speaker 2 (Rosie):   strawberry shower gel; yes

Speaker 3 (John):   five T-shirts; yes


I = interviewer, K = Kate

I   Have you been to a chain store recently?

K   Yes, I have. I went to H&M three weeks ago.

 And what did you buy?

K   I bought a skirt. It’s a long, black skirt.

I   Are you happy with it?

K   Yes, yes, and er…it was very cheap because it was in the sale. And it suits me.

I = interviewer, R = Rosie

I   Have you been shopping for clothes recently?

R   Yes, I went shopping at the weekend with my friends.

I   Where did you go?

R   We went to the city centre, to Princes Street – that’s where we always go.

I   Did you buy anything?

R   I tried on a few things in Topshop, but in the end there wasn’t anything I liked. But I did get something in The Body Shop. There’s a shopping centre just off Princes Street, and there’s a Body Shop there, and I bought some strawberry shower gel. I really like it.

I = interviewer, J = John

I   Have you ever bought anything from Uniqlo?

J   Not from the shop, because there isn’t one where I live, but I sometimes buy stuff on their website.

I   What was the last thing you bought there?

J   It was a few months ago. I got some T-shirts. I always get them there; they do really good, cheap T-shirts.

I   How many did you get?

J   Five, I think. Yes, five.

 And are you happy with them?

J   Yes. They were about five pounds each, and delivery was another five pounds, so that was thirty pounds for five T-shirts.

Exercise 2

Listen and answer the questions.

1   Sean went to the airport to ____.

      a   travel to Tenerife

      b   meet his mother

      c   drop off his brother

2   Sam ____ tonight.

      a   isn’t doing anything

      b   is going to a family party

      c   is going out with friends

3   The only thing Caroline doesn’t mind doing is ___.

      a   cleaning the bathroom

      b   cooking

      c   cleaning the kitchen

4   The clothes that Albert bought online ___.

      a   were the wrong size

      b   took a long time to arrive

      c   were the wrong color

5   Mick once missed a flight because ___.

      a   he went to the wrong gate

      b   he went to the wrong terminal

      c   he woke up late


1 b   2 c   3 c   4 a   5 c



I = interviewer, S = Sean

 When was the last time you were at an airport?

S   Um, about a month ago.

I   Were you going somewhere or meeting someone?

S   I was meeting, um, my mother, who was, er, she arrived at midnight, coming back from Tenerife.


I = interviewer, Su = Susie

I   Do you have any plans for tonight?

Su   Er, yes, I do have plans for tonight. I’m going to a party with some friends.


I = interviewer, C = Caroline

 What housework do you hate doing?

C   I hate cleaning the bathroom, that’s my least favourite job around the house.

 Is there anything you don’t mind doing?

C   I don’t mind cleaning the kitchen, because there’s usually a lot of food to eat.


I = interviewer, A = Albert

I   Have you ever bought something online and had a problem?

A   I, I bought clothes online that didn’t fit, but that’s about it.


I = interviewer, M = Mick

I   How organized are you?

M   Er, not very. Um, I tend to be fairly disorganized, but still get things done.

I   Have you ever missed a train or a flight?

M   Yes, yes. I was flying to Poland and didn’t wake up in the morning, and got to the gate as the flight was leaving.

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