Now listen to part of a news programme about Steve and Carmen and answer the questions.

What happened…?

 ten years after Steve sent the letter

 when Carmen got the letter

 when Carmen called Steve

 when the couple met again

 last week


1   Some builders found it and gave it to Carmen’s sister.

2   She phoned Steve.

 They arranged to meet in Paris a few days later.

 They kissed at the airport and fell in love again.

 They got married.


P = presenter, S = Steve, C = Carmen

P   Earlier this year, ten years after Steve sent the letter, some builders were renovating the living room in Carmen’s mother’s house in Spain. When they were working on the fireplace, they found Steve’s letter. They gave it to Carmen’s sister, and she sent the letter to Carmen in Paris. Carmen was now forty-two, and she was still single.

C   When I got the letter, I didn’t call Steve immediately, because I was so nervous. I kept picking up the phone and putting it down again. I nearly didn’t phone him at all. But I knew that I had to make the call.

P   Carmen finally made the call and Steve answered the phone. He was also now forty-two and he was also single.

S   I couldn’t believe it when she phoned. I’ve just moved house, but luckily I kept my old phone number.

P   Steve and Carmen arranged to meet in Paris a few days later.

 When we met, it was like a film. We ran across the airport and into each other’s arms. Within thirty seconds of seeing each other again, we were kissing. We fell in love all over again.

P   Last week the couple got married, seventeen years after they first met.

C   I never got married in all those years, but now I have married the man I’ve always loved.

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