Exercise 1

A. Listen to Bryan and Lynn talking about the restaurants. Which one do they choose? Why? 

B. Listen to Lynn and Bryan ordering their meals. Tick (✓) the things they order.


Soup of the day

Pear, apple and cheese salad (v)

Warm olives with oil and bread (v)


Home-made pasta in a tomato and olive sauce (v)

Grilled salmon with potatoes and green salad

Steak in a mushroom sauce with roasted potatoes

Fried rice with mushroom (v)

Prawns and green vegetables with a fresh cucumber salad


Warm chocolate cake – with chocolate or vanilla ice cream (v)

Cheese plate with toast (v)

Fresh fruit salad with cream (v)

(v) – suitable for vegetarians



The Bridge. Lynn went to Bopha Devi recently.

Abla’s is a long way from where Bryan and Lynn are.


Lynn: soup of the day, pasta

Bryan: cheese salad, steak



LYNN   So, where are you taking me?

BRYAN   Well, I’ve had a look in this guide and, er, I think these three look quite good. Have a look.

L   Hmm.

B   What do you think?

L   Well, that all look nice … but I went to Bopha Devi recently.

B   OK, then, uh, what about this one?

L   Abla’s?

B   Yeah, I’ve heard the food there’s very good.

L   I don’t know … it’s a long way from here.

B   OK, er … how about The Bridge?

L   Yeah, we could sit outside. Ah, but do you think they do vegetarian food?

B   I’m sure they do.

L   OK, let’s go to The Bridge. Is that OK with you?

B   Sure, it’s your birthday.

L   Great.

B   I’ll call and book a table for, say, seven thirty?

L   Fine.

B   Right, what’s the number?



WAITER   Hi, are you ready to order?

LYNN   Yes, I think so. Erm … what’s the soup of the day?

W   Er, today it’s, er, cream of mushroom soup.

L   OK, so I’ll have that … and, er, the pasta, please.

W   OK. And for you, sir?

BRYAN   Yeah, could I have the cheese salad to start …

W   Cheese salad …

B   … and then the steak?

W   Find, and how would you like your steak?

B   Er, medium, please.

W   All right. Can I get you something to drink?

B   Do you want some wine?

L   Not right now actually, maybe later.

B   OK.

L   Can we have a bottle of water?

W   Sure. Sparkling or still?

L   Er, still.

B   Yep.

L   Still, please.

W   OK, thanks very much.

Exercise 2

A. Four people are planning a barbecue, but some of their friends are vegetarian. What do they decide to do? Listen and choose from 1-4.

1   cook meat and vegetables together

2   cook only meat but make some salads too

3   cook meat and vegetables on different grills

4   cook only vegetables

B. Listen to the second part of the conversation. Tick (✓) the things they need for the salad.

lettuce     black olives     parmesan cheese     olive oil

feta cheese     limes     garlic     tomatoes

C. Can you remember which six of these suggestions the friends make?

 How about we organise a barbecue?

 We could do some pasta.

 We can put veggies on the barbecue as well.

 Why don’t we get some burgers?

 Sausages are nice.

 How about a fruit salad?

 Perhaps we should make a cake.

 What about fruit?


Listen again to check.





feta cheese, black olives, olive oil


1 Yes   2 Yes   3 Yes   4 No   5 Yes   6 No   7 No

8 Yes   9 Yes


MANUEL   So how about we organise a barbecue?

EREN   Barbecues can be tricky because that means that we have to cook meat and quite a few people are vegetarian.

M   Mmm. That’s a thought.

SARAH   We could do some pasta alternative, maybe?

SUSANNE   No, we can put veggies on the barbecue as well.

E   Yeah, that could be … but then some people are really strict that they don’t want, like, any kind of meat, fat and stuff being mixed with …

SA   Yes, that’s true as well.

M   But we could have a barbie, we could have like mushrooms and things like this on one burner and another … and meat and sausages on another place.

SU   Separated, yeah.

E   I think that would work if you have like, yeah …

M   Different grills.

E   Yes, that would work.

M   So what should we buy?

E   Well, sausages are nice.



MANUEL   What about salads?

EREN   Greek salad I can do.

M   Okay, okay. We need to buy some feta cheese then.

E   Yeah, feta cheese and some black olives and, erm, olive oil.

M   Very important. What about dessert?

SUSANNE   Now this is getting too much now.

M   Well, it depends. A lot of people are going to come.

SU   Well, then keep it easy and simple. Ice cream?

M   What about fruit? Melons?

Exercise 3

A. Listen to Matt and Carlos talking about mealtimes. Who talks about these things?

breakfast     the evening meal     dinner on Friday

evenings     dinner with guests

B. Can you remember who said these things, Matt or Carlos? Listen again to check.

 We usually eat together in the evening.

 Everyone sits around the table and eats and talks.

 In my family, we all have breakfast at different times.

 I send my kids to wash their hands before dinner.

 My mum says bon appétit before we start eating.

 We usually have a quick meal in front of the TV.



Matt: the evening meal; dinner on Friday

Carlos: breakfast; dinner with guests


1 Matt   2 Matt   3 Carlos   4 Matt   5 Carlos   6 Matt


MATT   Well, in my family we usually eat together in the evening, erm, maybe pasta, salad, chicken. Everyone sits around the table and eats and talks about everything – what we did that day, how we feel … erm, our plans for the next day, the food … whatever. I don’t know what other people do but I send my kids to wash their hands before dinner. Er, Friday evening are a bit more relaxed. If we’re at home, we usually have a quick meal in front of the TV … pizza or Chinese food or something. No one really talks. Everyone’s a bit tired by Friday.

CAR LOS   Er, in my family we all have breakfast at different times because we all get up at different times. Later in the day, if we have guests, we usually have a … you know, a buffet-style dinner … and everyone chooses things from a side table and then takes their food to the main table. My mum says bon appétit before we start eating but that’s all. And during the meal, we talk about work and family and football and different things but we don’t usually talk about the food.

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