Listen to a nutritionist talking about what kind of liquids we should drink. Write the drinks from the list in the correct place on the jug. What kind of drinks should we never drink?

water     diet coke     alcohol

low-fat milk     tea and coffee     fruit juice


1 water   2 tea and coffee   3 low-fat milk   4 alcohol

5 diet coke   6 fruit juice

We should never drink sweet, fizzy drinks.


At least half of your daily liquids should come from water. About one third – or three to four cups – can come from coffee or tea – but with no sugar. Low-fat milk can make up another twenty per cent. If you drink less milk, just try to get your calcium from another type of food or drink, for example green vegetables. You can have one small glass of fruit juice a day, and no more than one to two alcoholic drinks for men, or one for women. However, some doctors now think that it’s a good idea to have several alcohol-free days a week. Diet drinks which use artificial sweeteners are not good for you, but up to one to two glasses a day is OK. But try not to have any drinks with a lot of sugar, for example, sweet fizzy drinks.

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