Exercise 1

A. Listen to Rob and Holly. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

 Rob has just done an interview.

 He is in a hurry.

 He has another interview in Manhattan.

 He has another coffee.

 Barbara phones Rob.

 The restaurant is booked for seven o’clock.

B. Listen again. Say why the F sentences are false.



1 T   2 T   3 F   4 T   5 F   6 F


3 He has a date in Manhattan.

5 Jenny phones Rob.

6 The restaurant is booked for eight o’clock.


H = Holly, R = Rob, J = Jenny

H   That was a good day’s work, Rob. You did a great interview.

R   You took some great photos, too. They’re really nice.

H   Thanks. Hey, let’s have another coffee.

R   I don’t know. I have to get to Manhattan.

H   You don’t have to go right now.

R   I’m not sure. I don’t want to be late.

H   Why do you have to go to Manhattan?

R   I’ve got a…erm…

H   A date? You have a date?

R   Mm hm.

H   Is it with anybody I know?

R   No, it isn’t. Anyway, excuse me a minute. I need to go to ‘the restroom’.

H   That’s very American. I’ll order more coffees.

R   OK.

 (on the phone) Rob?

H   Is that you, Jennifer?

 Oh, hi, Holly. Erm…is Rob there?

H   Yeah, one second. Rob! Not anybody I know, huh?

R   Hi, Jenny.

J   Rob? Are you still in Brooklyn?

R   Yeah.

J   You know the reservation at the restaurant’s for eight, right?

R   Don’t worry. I’ll be there! Oh, how do I get to Greenwich Village on the subway?

Exercise 2

A. Listen to Rob and Jenny. Is the date a success?

B. Listen again and answer the questions.

1   What excuse does Rob give for being late?

2   How long has Jenny waited for him?

3   What does Rob suggest they do?

4   What does Jenny say that Rob could do?

5   Who is Rob interested in: Holly or Jenny?



No, it isn’t.


1   He says there was a problem on the underground.

2   An hour

3   Go back in the restaurant, go for a walk, or go to a different restaurant.

4   He could meet up with Holly.

5   Jenny


R   Jenny! I’m here.

J   Hi.

R   I’m so sorry. There was a problem on the underground.

 We call it the ‘subway’ here.

R   Right. Anyway, the train stopped for about twenty minutes. I tried to call, but there was no signal.

J   I’ve been here since seven forty-five.

R   I know. I ran from the underground…subway station…I’m so sorry.

J   You’re always late. It’s funny, isn’t it?

R   I said I’m sorry. Look, why don’t we go back inside the restaurant?

 I waited for an hour for you. I don’t want to stay here any more.

R   Maybe we could…we could go for a walk. We could find another restaurant.

 I don’t feel like a walk. It’s been a long day.

R   OK.

 But the night is still young. Maybe you have time to meet up with Holly again.

R   Holly?

J   I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that.

R   I don’t care about Holly.

 Forget it, Rob. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to go home.

R   Listen to me, Jenny. Holly is just a colleague.

  I said forget it. It’s OK.

R   No, it isn’t OK. Look, I know I’m always late. And I know the underground is the subway. But that’s not the point! I’m not interested in Holly. I came to New York because of you. The only person I’m interested in is you!

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