A. Listen to five short conversations. Circle the correct answer, a, b, or c.

1   Her party is on ________.

      a Wednesday the 6th

      b Saturday the 9th

      c Friday the 8th

2   How old is his mother?

      a 59     b 50     c 60

3   Mr Jarvis has a problem in ________.

      a his left leg     b his right knee

      c his left knee

4   John doesn’t like the painting of ________.

      a the woman     b the boy

      c the guitar

5   The girl wants to buy ________.

      a a computer     b a digital camera

      c a USB cable


1 b   2 a   3 b   4 a   5 c



A   When are you having your party?

B   Well, my birthday’s on the sixth. But it’s a Wednesday, so I’m having my party on the ninth.

A   Is that Friday?

B   No, it’s Saturday.


A   Your mother looks really young. How old is she?

B   Nearly 60.

A   Wow, she looks more like 50.

B   Well, in fact she’s 59.


A   Hello, Mr Jarvis. What’s the problem?

B   It’s my leg – well, my knee to be precise. It’s very painful. I can’t move my leg at all.

A   Is it the left or the right knee?

B   Just the right knee, the left one’s fine.

A   Let’s have a look.


A   Oh John, look at that painting. It’s wonderful!

B   Which one?

A   The one of the woman combing her hair.

B   Do you really like it? I don’t. I don’t like the way he paints women. I prefer the one of the boy playing the guitar. The blue one.


A   Can I help you?

B   Yes, I’m look for a thing which connects my camera to the computer.

A   Is it a digital camera?

B   Yes.

A   So you need a USB cable. Is your computer a PC?

B   Yes.

A   Right. Here you are. One USB cable.

B. Listen to Martha showing Jim some photos. Complete the sentences with a name.

Martin     Alice     Bill     Serena     Gary

1   ______ is at university.

2   ______ doesn’t like in Britain.

3   ______ wears glasses.

4   ______ doesn’t like sport.

5   ______ isn’t very hard-working


1 Alice   2 Serena   3 Bill   4 Martin   5 Gary


A   Who’s that?

B   That’s my brother, Gary. He’s 19 now, but he was a lot younger there.

A   Is he at university?

B   No, he’s travelling in the States. He’s going to university next year.

A   Do you get on well?

B   Quite well. He’s OK – but he’s really lazy, which annoys me sometimes.

A   Who are they?

B   They’re my favourite cousins. Serena lives in France – she’s a journalist – and Alice is a student.

A   What’s she studying?

B   Economics. At Sussex University.

A   Are they family or friends?

B   They’re friends. That’s Martin and that’s Bill, the one with dark hair and glasses.

A   Martin’s tall! Is he a basketball player?

B   No, in fact he hates sport! He and Bill work in a software company. I met them through work.

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