A. Listen. Circle a, b, or c.

1   How long has Matt lived in Glasgow?

      a Since he was at university.

      b For six months.

      c For two years.

2   John’s sister _______ married.

      a is     b is going to get     c was

3   He started running _______.

      a a few years ago

      b at school

      c a few days ago

4   What’s her favourite subject?

      a Geography     b Literature     c Maths

5   When was the White Tower completed?

      a In the 17th century.

      b In 1068     c In 1285.


1 c   2 c   3 a   4 b   5 b



A   How long have you lived in Glasgow, Matt?

B   Not very long. After university I lived in Newcastle for six months, and I moved to Glasgow two years ago.

A   Do you like it?

B   Yes, it’s great. I love it.


A   Is your sister married, John?

B   Well, she was married for fifteen years, but she’s just got divorced.

A   Do you think she’ll get married again?

B   I don’t think so.


A   Have you always liked sport?

B   No, I used to hate PE when I was a school.

A   So when did you start running?

B   A few years ago. A friend asked me to come with him, and I really enjoyed it.

A   Do you run every day?

B   Yes, every morning before work. Except when it’s raining.


A   What’s your favourite subject?

B   Well, I quite like history and geography, but I think I like literature best.

A   What about maths and science?

B   They’re definitely not my favourites. I’m awful at them.


And on your right you can see the White Tower. It was built by William the Conqueror in about 1068. The rest of the castle was completed by Edward I in 1285. The castle was used as a palace and prison until the 17th century, when …

B. Listen and complete the table with a number or one word.

Ground floor:   a collection of 1___________ by Graham Richmond.

First floor:   children’s 2___________

Entrance hall:   the museum 3___________

Price of guidebook:   4___________

Museum closes at:   5___________


1 pictures   2 toys   3 shop   4 £2.50   5 5.30


Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to the Market Square Museum. Before you go round, I’d like to tell you a bit about the museum. It was opened in 1952 by Queen Elizabeth – well, she was Princess Elizabeth then. Here on the ground floor there’s a collection of pictures painted by our local artist, Graham Richmond – they show the town as it used to be in the last century. If you go upstairs, you can see our famous collection of old children’s toys – there are some from the 16th century, and the oldest is over 500 years old.

Here in the entrance hall you can see there is a museum shop, where you can buy postcards and other souvenirs. There is also an excellent guidebook, which costs just £2.50.

The museum is open until half past five today, so you have plenty of time, and I hope you enjoy your visit.

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