A. Listen and circle the correct answer, a, b, or c.

1   He thought the fashion show was _________.

      a exciting     b interesting     c boring

2   The woman bought _________.

      a a shirt     b a skirt     c some shoes

3   The floor is _________.

      a wet     b dry     c dirty

4   What time does he finish work?

      a 7.00     b 8.00     c 9.00

5   The most beautiful city he’s been to is _________.

      a Venice     b Prague     c Amsterdam


1 c   2 b   3 a   4 a   5 b



A   Have you ever been to a fashion show?

B   Never. Have you?

A   Yeah. I went to one last year.

B   Yeah. How was it?

A   I went to sleep and woke up at the end.


A   What did you buy?

B   Well, I tried on a shirt but it was too big. I bought a skirt and a sweater.

A   Did you get any shoes?

B   No, I didn’t see any I liked.


A   Don’t walk on the kitchen floor!

B   Why?

A   I’ve just washed it.

B   Again?

A   It was dirty again.

B   It’s dry now.

A   No, it isn’t. It’s still wet.


A   I don’t go out much during the week now.

B   Why not?

A   Because I finish work later.

B   How many hours do you work?

A   When I started this job two years ago I worked eight hours a day, from nine to five. Now I work two hours more every day for the same money.

B   That’s the same everywhere.


A   What’s the most beautiful city you’ve been to?

B   Well, Amsterdam is lovely. Oh, and Prague is beautiful.

A   What about Venice?

B   Well, of course Venice is wonderful, but I think Prague is probably my favourite.

B. Listen to an interview with a model. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

1   She often wears clothes she doesn’t like.

2   She broke her leg during a fashion show.

3   She hasn’t been to Africa.

4   She went to Argentina two years ago.

5   She would like to go to India again.


1 T   2 F   3 T   4 F   5 T


A   Have you ever had to wear clothes you didn’t like?

B   Oh, all the time. Some of the things we have to wear are absolutely awful, but that’s not a problem.

A   Have you ever fallen over during a fashion show?

B   Yes, once. I was wearing very high heels and I had to walk down some stairs at the end of the catwalk and I fell over.

A   Did you hurt yourself?

B   I broke a finger. Nothing serious.

A   Do you travel a lot in your job?

B   I spend my life travelling. I’m only 23 but I’ve already been all over the world. Europe, Asia, South America, the United States, everywhere except Africa. I haven’t been there yet, but I’m doing something there next year.

A   Have you been anywhere recently?

B   I’ve just come back from Argentina. I spent a week there doing a photo shoot for a woman’s magazine.

A   And what’s the most exciting country you’ve been to?

B   That’s difficult to answer. India probably. I’d love to go back.

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