A. Listen to five short conversations. Circle a, b, or c.

1   On Saturday the woman is going to _________.

      a   stay at home

      b   go swimming

      c   play volleyball

2   Who do they think will win the League?

      a   Arsenal

      b   Manchester United

      c   Liverpool

3   Next weekend the weather is going to be _________.

      a   wet and cold

      b   sunny but cold

      c   warm and sunny

4   The woman is going to buy _________.

      a   the red sweater

      b   the blue sweater

      c   the black sweater

5   Last night the student _________.

      a   had a bad dream

      b   had a good dream

      c   didn’t dream


1 c   2 b   3 b   4 a   5 a



A   Would you like to come to the beach with us this afternoon?

B   No, thanks. I don’t like the beach – I can’t swim. I think I’ll stay at home.

A   We aren’t going swimming – it’s too cold. We’re going to play volleyball.

B   Oh, OK, I’ll come then.


A   Who do you think’s going to win the League this year?

B   Manchester United. They’ve got the best team.

A   But they’re not playing very well. Arsenal are first at the moment, and they’re playing really well. Liverpool are good too.

B   I still think United will win in the end.

A   Yeah, you’re probably right.


A   Are you going away for the weekend?

B   Yes, we’re going to the mountains. We want to go for long walks.

A   I hope you have good weather.

B   Me too. It rained a lot last week but on TV they said this weekend it’s going to be cold but sunny and dry.


A   Which one are you going to get?

B   I can’t decide. I love the red one, but the black one would be more practical.

A   What about the blue one?

B   No, I don’t like blue. I think I’ll get the red one.

A   Yes, go on. Red suits you better than black.


A   You look awful. Didn’t you sleep well?

B   No. I woke up in the middle of the night.

A   Why?

B   I had a nightmare. I dreamt I had an exam – but I hadn’t studied at all.

A   That doesn’t surprise me!

B. Listen and complete the flight details.


Flight from London to 1_________


Tuesday May 6th



Flight times

Outward: leaves 08.30, arrives 3_________

Return: leaves 4_________, arrives 12.30

Passenger’s name

Robert 5_________


1 Rome   2 Sunday 11th   3 12.00

4 9.00   5 Brown


A   Hello, Supertravel. How can I help you?

B   I’d like some information about flights.

A   Where do you want to go?

B   To Rome. I want to leave on Tuesday the 6th of May and come back on Saturday the 10th.

A   It’ll be much cheaper if you stay the Saturday night and come back on Sunday the 11th.

B   OK then, I’ll go from the 6th to the 11th. I’d like to fly early in the morning if possible.

A   There’s a flight leaving London at 8.30 on the 6th, getting to Rome at 12.00, and then for the return flight there’s one leaving at 9.00 getting to London at 12.30. Is that OK?

B   Yes, that’s fine. Did you say I’ll get to Rome at 12.30 on the 6th of May?

A   No, at 12.00. You leave at 8.30.

B   And the flight back gets in at 12.30?

A   That’s right.

B   How much does it cost?

A   €195.

B   OK, I’ll have it.

A   Can I have your name please?

B   Yes, Robert Brown.

A   And your credit card details.

B   Yes, it’s a Visa card …

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