Exercise 1 – Asking for help

Listen and underline the right phrase.

 Allie asks the receptionist for some aspirin / painkillers.

 Allie has a headache / backache.

 The receptionist gives / doesn’t give her medicine.

 Allie wants / doesn’t want a doctor.

 The pharmacy is / isn’t near the hotel.


1 painkillers   2 headache   3 doesn’t give

4 doesn’t want   5 is


R = Receptionist, A = Allie

R   Hi. How can I help you?

A   Do you have any painkillers? I have a headache.

R   I’m sorry. We can’t give our guests medicine. But we can call a doctor for you if you like.

A   No, it’s OK. I don’t need a doctor. It’s just a cold. But is there a chemist’s near the hotel?

R   Do you mean a pharmacy?

A   Sorry, that’s right, a pharmacy.

R   Sure. There’s one right across the street.

A   Thank you.

R   You’re welcome.

Exercise 2 – Asking for medicine

Listen and answer the questions. What does the pharmacist give her? How often does she have to take them? How much are they?


The pharmacist gives her aspirin.

She has to take two every four hours.

They cost $4.75.


P = Pharmacist, A = Allie

P   Good morning. Can I help you?

A   I have a bad cold. Do you have something I can take?

P   What symptoms do you have?

A   I have a headache and a cough.

P   Do you have a temperature?

A   No, I don’t think so.

P   Does your back hurt?

A   No.

P   Are you allergic to any drugs?

A   I’m allergic to penicillin.

P   No problem. These are aspirin. These will make you feel better.

A   How many do I have to take?

P   Two every four hours.

A   Sorry? How often?

P   Every four hours. If you don’t feel better in 24 hours, you should see a doctor.

A   OK, thanks. How much are they?

P   $4.75, please.

A   Thank you.

P   You’re welcome.

Exercise 3 – Talking about the party

Listen and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

1   Mark apologizes for getting angry last night.

2   Allie thinks Brad is annoying.

3   Brad isn’t Allie’s type of man.

4   Today is Allie’s last day.

5   They’re going to have dinner on a boat.


1 T

2 F   She thinks he’s very nice.

3 T

4 F   Tomorrow is her last day

5 F   They’re going to go on a boat trip and later have dinner.


M = Mark, A = Allie

M   Bless you! Are you OK?

A   It’s just a cold. I had a bad headache this morning, but I feel better now.

M   Listen. I’m really sorry about last night.

A   What do you mean?

M   At the party. I got kind of angry at Brad. He was really annoying me.

A   Oh, I think he’s very nice.

M   Yeah, women always think so.

A   Don’t worry, Mark. Brad’s not my type.

M   So what is your type, Allie?

A   You know what my type is. Dark hair, 34 years old, lives in San Francisco …

M   Listen, tomorrow’s your last day. I want to do something special. What would you like to do?

A   I don’t mind. You choose.

M   How about a boat trip around the bay? We could do that in the morning, and then have a nice dinner in the evening.

A   That sounds fantastic.

M   It’s too bad you can’t stay longer.

A   Yes, it’s a pity – this week has gone so quickly. I feel I’ve just arrived and now I’m going home.

M   Well, I’m going to make sure tomorrow is a really special day.

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