Exercise 1

A. Listen to Rob and Jenny. Are they enjoying their run?

B. Listen again and answer the questions.

 How does Rob say he feels?

 What does Jenny say about Central Park?

 Is Rob happy he came to New York?

 What is Rob tired of doing?

 What does Jenny invite him to do?

 How many times are they going to run round the park?



Jenny is enjoying the run. Rob says he is, but he is very tired.


1 Never better.

2 It is beautiful and her favorite place in New York.

3 Yes

4 He is tired of eating out.

5 She invites him to have dinner at her place.

6 Twice / Two more times


J = Jenny, R = Rob

  Are you OK?

R   Me? Never better.

  It’s beautiful here, isn’t it? I think this is my favorite place in New York.

R   Yeah, it’s great.

  So how’s it all going? Are you happy you came?

R   To Central Park? At seven fifteen in the morning?

  To New York, Rob.

R   Yeah. Of course I’m happy. It’s fantastic.

  Really? You aren’t just saying that.

R   No, I mean it.

  You need to get in shape, Rob.

R   I know. I am a bit tired of eating out all the time. It isn’t good for my figure.

  It’s the restaurants you go to! Why don’t you come over to my place after work? I could make you something a little healthier.

R   I’d really like that. Thanks.

  So, how do you feel now? Are you ready to go again?

R   Oh, yes! I’m ready for anything.

  Are you sure you’re OK?

R   Absolutely.

  OK. We’ll only go around two more times.

R   Two? Excellent!

Exercise 2

Listen and circle the correct answer.

1   Rob thinks he has a cold / flu.

2   The pharmacist gives Rob ibuprofen / penicillin.

3   He has to take the medicine every four hours / eight hours.

4   It costs $16.99 / $6.99.


1 the flu   2 ibuprofen   3 four hours   4 $6.99


P = pharmacist, R = Rob

 Good morning. Can I help you?

 I’m not feeling very well. I think I have flu.

 What are your symptoms?

 I have a headache and a cough. 

 Do you have a temperature?

 No, I don’t think so.

 Are you allergic to any drugs?

 I’m allergic to penicillin. 

 No problem. This is ibuprofen. It’ll make you feel better.

 How many do I have to take?

 Two every four hours.

 Sorry? How often?

 Two every four hours. If you don’t feel better in forty-eight hours, you should see a doctor.

 OK, thanks. How much is that?

 That’s $6.99, please.

 Thank you. 

 You’re welcome.

Exercise 3

A. Listen to Rob and Jenny. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

1   Rob broke up with his girlfriend a year before he met Jenny.

2   Jenny hasn’t had much time for relationships.

3   Jenny knew that Rob wasn’t feeling well in the morning.

4   Rob wants to go back to his hotel because he’s tired.

5   Jenny is going to call a taxi.

B. Listen again. Say why the F sentences are false.



1 F   2 T   3 F   4 F   5 F


1   Rob broke up with his girlfriend a few months before he met Jenny.

3   Jenny didn’t know that Rob wasn’t feeling well in the morning.

4   Rob wants to go back to his hotel because he wants to go to bed early, as he has a busy day the next day.

5   Jenny doesn’t call a taxi.


R = Rob, J = Jenny

R   That was a lovely meal. Thanks, Jenny.

J   That’s OK.

R   It’s been great being in New York. You know, your offer to work here came at a very good time for me.


R   Yeah, I was looking for something new. Something different. You see, I broke up with my girlfriend a few months before I met you.

J   Oh…right…

R   What about you?

J   What about me?

R   You know…relationships?

J   Oh, I’ve been too busy recently to think about relationships. Getting this job at the magazine was a really big thing for me. I guess that’s taken up all my time and energy.

R   But that isn’t very good for you. Only thinking about work, I mean.

J   Why didn’t you tell me you weren’t feeling well this morning? We didn’t have to go for a run.

R   I wanted to go. It was nice.

J   Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better. Would you like another coffee?

R   No, thanks. I think I should get back to the hotel now, I’ve got a really busy day tomorrow. Do you have a telephone number for a taxi?

 Yeah…but it’s much easier to get a cab on the street.

R   Oh, OK, then.

J   I’ll see you in the morning, if you’re feeling OK.

R   Oh, I’m sure I’ll be fine! Thanks again for a great evening.

J   Any time.

R   Goodnight.

 Night, Rob.

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