Exercise 1 – Checking in

Listen to Allie checking it. Answer the questions.

1   Does the receptionist call Allie ‘Ms Gray’ or ‘Mrs Gray’?

2   How many nights is Allie staying?

3   What’s her room number?

4   What time’s breakfast?

5   Which floor is the Pavilion Restaurant on?


1 Ms Gray   2 six nights   3 419

4 From seven to nine.   5 The 6th


R = Receptionist, A = Allie

R   Good evening, ma’am. How can I help you?

A   Good evening. I have a reservation. My name’s Alison Gray. I’m here for the MTC conference.

R   Just a moment. Ah, here it is. Ms Gray. For six nights?

A   That’s right.

R   OK Ms Gray. Here’s your key. You’re in room 419 on the fourth floor.

A   Thank you. What time’s breakfast?

R   From seven to nine, in the Pavilion Restaurant on the sixth floor.

A   Thanks. Where’s the lift?

R   The elevators are over there.

A   Thanks.

R   Do you need any help with your bags?

A   Yes, please

Exercise 2 – Calling reception

Listen and answer the question. Who does Allie phone? Why?


She phones reception because she has a problem with the air-conditioning

She also phones room service because she wants a sandwich.


R = Reception, A = Allie, RS = Room service

R   Hello, reception.

A   Hello. This is room 419.

R   How can I help you?

A   I have a problem with the air-conditioning. It isn’t working, and it’s very hot in my room.

R   I’m sorry, ma’am. I’ll send someone up to look at it right now.

A   Thank you.

RS   Room service. Can I help you?

A    Hello. This is room 419. Can I have a tuna sandwich, please?

RS   Whole wheat or white bread?

A    Whole wheat, please.

RS   With or without mayo?

A    Without.

RS   With french fries or salad?

A    Salad, please.

RS   Anything to drink?

A    Yes, a Diet Coke.

RS   With ice and lemon?

A    Just ice.

RS   It’ll be there in five minutes, ma’am.

A    Thank you.

Exercise 3 – Coffee before the conference

Listen and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

 Mark is going to take Allie to dinner tonight.

 The cocktail party is on Thursday.

 Allie wants to see the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.

 Brad is from the San Francisco office.

 Brad offers to take Allie sightseeing.


1 F (tomorrow night)   2 F (on Wednesday)

3 T   4 F (the Los Angeles office)   5 T


M = Mark, A = Allie, B = Brad

M   Here you go, Allie. A cappuccino – see, I remembered!

 Well done! Thanks.

M   Did you sleep well?

 Yes, very well. How are things?

M   They’re fine.

 What are the plans for the week?

M   Well, today we don’t have any free time. But tomorrow I’m going to take you to this great little restaurant I know.

 That sounds good.

M   And then on Wednesday night there’s a cocktail party here at the hotel, and then a conference dinner on Thursday. Is there anything special you want to do?

 Well, I’d like to see the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. And I’d like to go shopping if there’s time.

B   Hi Mark, how are you doing?

M   Hi Brad. I’m fine, just fine.

 Aren’t you going to introduce me?

M   Oh sure. Allie, this is Brad Martin. Brad works in the Los Angeles office. Brad, this is Allie Gray from the London office.


B   Hi Allie, great to meet you. Mark told me you were very nice but he didn’t tell me you were so beautiful. So, is this your first time in San Francisco?

 Yes. Yes, it is.

B   Has Mark shown you the sights?

 Well, not yet.

B   Then maybe I can show you round. I love this city.

 Allie, it’s time to go. Excuse us, Brad.

B   Well, great to meet you, Allie. See you round.

 Yes. Nice to meet you too. Goodbye.

B   Bye

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