Exercise 1 – The story so far

Listen to the story of Mark and Allie. Answer the questions.

1   Where are Mark and Allie from?

2   What company do they work for?

3   Where did they meet?

4   What did they do?

5   Did they get on well?

6   What’s Mark doing now?


 Mark is American, from California, and Allie is British.

 They work for MTC, a music company.

 They met when Mark came to London.

 They went out for coffee, shopping, and dinner.

 Yes, very well.

 He’s at the airport in San Francisco waiting for Allie to arrive.


MARK   Hi. My name’s Mark Ryder. I’m American and I live in San Francisco. I work for a music company called MTC. I’m divorced and I have a daughter.

Last month I went to England on a work trip, and I met Allie. She’s British, and she works for MTC in the UK. We had a great five days. We went out for coffee. We went shopping. It was my birthday, and she bought me a present. We went out for dinner. I really liked her, and I think she liked me too.

I invited her to a conference in San Francisco, and she said yes. And now I’m at the airport. I’m waiting for her to arrive.

Exercise 2 – At immigration

Listen and answer the question. How long is Allie going to stay in the United States?


She’s going to stay for a week


IO = Immigration officer, A = Allie

IO   Good evening, ma’am.

A    Good evening.

IO   Where are you arriving from?

A    From London.

IO   What’s the purpose of your visit?

A    Business. I’m here for a conference.

IO   How long are you staying in the US?

A    A week.

IO   Where are you staying?

A    In San Francisco. At the Pacific View Hotel.

IO   Do you know anybody here?

A    Yes, Mark Ryder.

IO   Is he family or a friend?

A    He’s a colleague – and a friend.

IO   Do you have his phone number?

A    Yes, his mobile is 405 655 7182.

IO   Is this your first visit to the US?

A    Yes, it is.

IO   Enjoy your stay in San Francisco.

A    Thank you.

Exercise 3 – Allie arrives

Listen. Answer the questions.

1   How long was Allie’s flight?

2   Why couldn’t she sleep?

3   What time is it…?

      a in San Francisco     b in London

4   Where is Mark going to take her?

5   Where’s Mark’s car?


1   Eleven hours.

2   Because the people next to her had a baby.

3   a 7 p.m.     b 3 a.m.

4   To her hotel.

5   In the parking lot/car park.


M = Mark, A = Allie

M   Allie, hi!

A   Hi Mark.

M   How look great!

A   You too. How are you?

M   I’m fine. How was the flight?

A   Long! Eleven hours.

M   You must be really tired.

A   Yes. I couldn’t sleep at all. The people next to me had a baby with them. What’s the time here? I need to change my watch.

M   It’s seven in the evening.

A   It’s there in the morning for me.

M   OK, I’m going to take you right to the hotel and you can rest.

A   Fine. Sorry!

M   You are going to love San Francisco! I’m so pleased you came!

A   Me too. It’s great to see you again.

M   Come on. My car’s in the parking lot. Let’s go.

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