Exercise 1 – Buying clothes

Listen to Allie shopping. Answer the questions.

1   What does Allie want to buy?

2   What size is she?

3   Does she try it on?

4   How much does Allie think it costs?

5   How does she pay?


1   A black sweater.

2   Medium.

3   No.

4   39.99.

5   By credit card (MasterCard).


SA = shop assistant, A = Allie

SA   Can I help you?

   Yes, I really like this sweater. Do you have it in a medium?

SA   Let’s see … we have it in red in a medium.

   No, I want it in black.

SA   Just a minute, I’ll go and check. Here you are. A black medium. Do you want to try it on?

   No, thanks. I’m sure it’ll be fine. How much is it?

SA   43.38.

   It says 39.99.

SA   Yes, but that doesn’t include sales tax – that’s 8.5% extra.

   Oh, OK. Do you take MasterCard?

SA   Yes, of course.

Exercise 2 – Taking something back

Listen and answer the questions. What’s the problem with Allie’s sweater? Does she change it or ask for her money back?


The sweater is too big.

She asks for her money back.


SA = shop assistant, A = Allie

SA   Can I help you?

   Yes, I bought this sweater about half an hour ago.

SA   Yes, I remember. Is there a problem?

   Yes, I’ve decided it’s too big for me.

SA   What size is it?


SA   So you need a small. I don’t see one here.

   Do you have any more?

SA   I’ll go and check. Just a minute. I’m sorry but we don’t have another one in black.

   Oh dear.

SA   We can order one for you. It’ll only take a few days.

   No, I’m leaving on Saturday.

SA   Would you like to exchange it for something else?

   Not really. Could I have a refund?

SA   No problem. Do you have the receipt?

   Yes, here you are.

Exercise 3 – The conference cocktail party

Listen and complete with Mark, Allie, or Brad.

1   _____ tells _____ about the shopping and museum.

2   _____ comes to say hello to _____ and _____.

3   _____ is surprised that _____ and _____ met this morning.

4   _____ asks _____ if she wants a drink.

5   _____ is annoyed, but goes to get the drinks.


1   Allie, Mark

2   Brad, Mark, Allie

3   Mark, Brad, Allie

4   Mark, Allie

5   Mark


M = Mark, A = Allie, B = Brad

M   Allie! You look great, as usual. How was your morning?

 Really good. First I went shopping, and then I went to the Museum of Modern Art.

M   What did you think of it?

 It was wonderful. But I didn’t have enough time to see it all. Never mind.

M   Maybe next time.

 What a lovely evening!

B   Hi, Allie. How was the shopping?

 Great, thanks.

B   Hi Mark. And did you like the museum? I hope you didn’t get lost again!

 Hey, I didn’t know you two were friends already.

A   We met this morning. I got lost. I was trying to find Union Square – and suddenly Brad Appeared.

 So I took her to my favourite coffee shop.

M   Allie, what would you like to drink?

 I’d like a cocktail please. A margarita.

B   What a good idea. I’ll have one too. Mark, could you get us a couple of margaritas?

 Oh, so now I’m the waiter, am I?

 So tell me about the museum, Allie. What was your favourite painting?

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