Exercise 1 – How to get there

Listen to Mark and Allie and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

1   Allie’s feeling worse.

2   Mark thinks Allie might get cold.

3   They’re going to get a taxi to the bay.

4   Allie wants to be at the hotel again at 1.00 p.m.

5   She’s expecting an important visitor.


1 F   She’s feeling better.

2 T   3 T   4 T

5 F   An important phone call.


M = Mark, A = Allie

M   Hi, Allie. How are you feeling today?

A   Much better.

M   Good. Are you going to be warm enough with just that sweater? It might be a little cold on the boat.

A   I’ll be fine. Are we going to walk to the bay?

M   No, it’s too far. It’s better if we get a cab.

A   How long does it take by cab?

M   About ten minutes.

A   And how long’s the boat trip?

M   I’m not sure. I think it’s an hour. Why?

A   Well, I have to be back here by 1.00 – I’m expecting an important phone call.

M   Not from Brad, I hope?

A   Well, actually … No, of course not! From the New York office.

M   OK. Let’s go.   

Exercise 2 – Buying tickets

Listen and complete the sentences.

The next boat leaves at ____ a.m. The trip takes ____ hour(s) and costs ____.


The next boat leaves at 10.00 a.m. The trip takes an hour(s) and costs $40.


M = Mark, T = ticket seller, A = Allie

M   Good morning.

  Good morning, sir.

M   What time does the next boat leave?

  At 10.00.

A   How long does it take?

  About an hour.

M   Where exactly does the boat go?

  It goes under the bridge, round Angel Island and past Alcatraz, and then back here.

A   Can we get anything to eat or drink on the boat?

  Yes, ma’am, there’s a snack bar.

M   Can I have two tickets, please?

  Sure. Two adults.

M   How much is that?

  That’s $40.

M   Here you are.

  Thank you, sir.

M   Thank you.  

Exercise 3 – On the boat

Listen and answer the questions.

1   Does Allie prefer San Francisco to London?

2   Does she think she could live there? Why (not)?

3   What did the building on Alcatraz use to be?

4   What’s the weather like?

5   What does Mark ask the boatman to do?



 No. Because it’s a long way from London and she would miss her family and friends.

 A prison.

 It’s cold.

 To take a photo of the two of them.


M = Mark, A = Allie, B = Boatman

M   So, what do you think of San Francisco?

 It’s beautiful, Mark. I love it.

M   Better than London?

 Not better. Different.

M   Do you think you could live here?

 No, I don’t think so.

M   Oh. Why?

 Well, it’s a long way from London. I think I’d miss all my family and friends.

M   Could you live somewhere else – but in Europe?

 Maybe. Why do you ask?

M   Oh, no reason. I just wondered.

Tannoy   On your left you can see the island of Alcatraz.

M   Look, can you see that building? That used to be the prison, but it was closed in 1963. It’s a museum now.

 Where are we going for dinner tonight?

M   It’s a surprise.

 I’m really looking forward to it.

M   Me too.

 I’m cold.

M   Do you want to borrow my coat?

 No. It’s OK. I’m going to miss you, Mark.

M   Hey, excuse me! Could you take a photo of us, please?

 Sure. Are you ready?

A   Ready.

 Say cheese!

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