Exercise 1

You will hear sentences containing one of the phrases below. Tick the phrase you hear.

1    a new moped

      a blue moped

2    an old sports car

      a gold sports car

3    a light blue van

      a bright blue van

4    a green bus

      a grey bus

5    the green train

      the green plane

6    the last train

      the fast train

7    a dark brown Mini

      a dark green Mini

8    a dark blue Toyota

      a light blue Toyota


1   a blue moped

2    a gold sports car

3    a bright blue van

4    a green bus

5    the green plane

6    the fast train

7   a dark brown Mini

8    a light blue Toyota


1   I’ll be riding a blue moped.

2   I’ve just bought myself a gold sports car.

3   I’ll be driving a bright blue van.

4   The one you want is a green bus.

5   There it is, coming in now. The green plane.

6   Try to get the fast train.

7   I’ll be in a dark brown Mini.

8   She drives a light blue Toyota.

Exercise 2

You will hear people describing their transport. Tick the correct box, a or b.


1 b   2 a   3 a   4 b   5 a   6 a


 I’ve got one of those big old American cars. It’s huge.

 I’ve just bought a moped. But I can’t use it at night because it doesn’t have any lights.

 I’ve got a new Japanese car. It’s a two-door model.

 Our van’s great. I like the sliding doors. It’s so easy to get in and out of.

 I’ve just bought a sports car. The top folds right back. It’s really fun.

 I ride a bicycle. Unfortunately, it’s not one of those light modern bicycles, but a really old one.

Exercise 3

You will hear people asking about buses from the bus station to the place below. What number bus or buses can they take and how often do the buses go? If a bus goes every 20 minutes, write 20 mins under ‘frequency’.





17 or 24

20 mins





















17 or 24

20 mins



5 mins


44 or 50

every hour


16 or 22

20 mins



45 mins



15 mins



A   What bus can I take to get to the zoo, please?

B   Either a 17 or a 24.

A   And how often do they leave?

B   Every 20 minutes.


A   What number is the airport bus, please?

B   That’s a number 25.

A   Does it go very often?

B   Every five minutes.


A   I want to get a bus to the museum, please.

B   Yes, you can take a number 44 or a number 50.

A   How often do they leave?

B   Every half hour.


A   What bus will take me to the university, please?

B   The university? That would be number 16 or number 22.

A   And do they leave often?

B   Yes, every 20 minutes.


A   Can I take a bus to the hospital from here?

B   Yes, you want a number 65.

A   And when does it leave, please?

B   There’s one every 45 minutes.


A   What bus should I take to go to the public library?

B   Number 13. It leaves every quarter of an hour.

Exercise 4

You will hear people talking to a taxi driver. Where does each passenger want to go? Number the places 1 – 6.

………..   library

………..   zoo

………..   hospital

………..   museum

………..   department store

………..   restaurant

………..   university

………..   airport

………..   theatre


1 airport   2 restaurant   3 university

4 theatre   5 hospital   6 museum


1   Oh, I hope we won’t arrive late. My flight leaves in half an hour.

2   Yes, we’re having dinner there with friends. I hear the food is very good.

3   Can you drive a little faster, please? My class starts in ten minutes. I don’t want to be late or the professor gets very angry.

4   It starts at 7.30, so there’s plenty of time, and we’ve already got the tickets.

5   Please drive as quickly as you can. My appointment with the doctor is for 10.45.

6   I haven’t been there before. I believe they’ve got some very good French paintings.

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