Exercise 1

You will hear the ingredients for three recipes. Listen and write down the amounts needed. Use these abbreviations:

g = grams

kg = kilograms

l = litre(s)

tsp = teaspoon(s)

tbsp = tablespoon(s)


1    800g beef

      250 onions

      3 tbsp tomato puree

      1 ½ tbsp curry powder

      ½ tsp salt

      ¼ tsp pepper

2    6 eggs

      200 sliced onions

      250g mushrooms

      ½ l cream

      ½ tsp salt

      ½ tsp pepper

      175g cheese

3    1 kg chicken

      250g onions

      150g bacon

      ¼ l read wine

      75g flour



A   Now you’ll need about 800 grams of beef.

B   OK.

A   Then 250 grams of chopped onions.

B   Yes, and how much tomato purée?

A   About three tablespoons is enough. Then you’ll need some curry powder. I use about one and a half tablespoons.

B   Fine. What about salt and pepper?

A   Use about half a teaspoon of salt and about a quarter of a teaspoon of pepper.


A   How many eggs do I need?

B   About half a dozen.

A   Fine. And then what?

B   About 200 grams of sliced onions. And about 250 grams of mushrooms.

A   200 grams of sliced onions and 250 grams of mushrooms.

B   Yes. And half a litre of cream.

A   Mmm.

B   Half a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of pepper.

A   Yes. And what about the cheese?

B   Oh, yes. It takes about 175 grams of cheese.


A   Now start with about a kilo of chicken.

B   Yes.

A   And about 250 grams of small onions.

B   Fine. What next?

A   Then you’ll need about 150 grams of chopped bacon.

B   About 150 grams.

A   Then about a quarter of a litre of red wine.

B   A quarter of a litre. And how much flour?

A   You’ll need about 75 grams.

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