Exercise 1

Listen and tick the prices you hear.

1    £56.50


2    £11.07


3    £6.99


4    £167.07


5    £119.45


6    £1980.00


7    £550.00


8    £1567.00


9    £175,900


10  £1,350,000



1 £56.50   2 £11.17   3 £69.09

4 £1067.00   5 £109.45   6 £198,000

7 £550.00   8 £15,670.00   9 £125,900

10 £1,350,000


 That’s fifty-six fifty altogether.

 That comes to eleven seventeen.

 The total is sixty-nine pounds nine pence.

 It costs one thousand and sixty-seven pounds.

 That comes to a hundred and nine pounds and forty-five pence.

 The price is one hundred and ninety-eight thousand pounds.

 That’s five hundred and fifty pounds.

 They cost fifteen thousand six hundred and seventy pounds.

 It was sold for one hundred and seventy-five thousand, nine hundred pounds.

10   They sold it for one million, three hundred and fifty thousand pounds.

Exercise 2

Listen to the cashier add up these restaurant bills. Did he enter the correct prices? Put a tick or cross in each box.


1 x   2 x   3 x   4 x


1   Now that’s eleven fifty for the main course, one twenty-five for the salad. The drinks were two pounds thirty and the dessert one ninety.

2   Your starters were five pounds sixty, and the main courses twenty seventy; drinks were six fifteen and the desserts cost four pounds and five pence.

3   Your main course was five seventy-five, the salad was one fifty, drinks were three pounds ninety and the dessert was two thirty-five.

4   The main courses came to fourteen pounds fifty, the salads were three pounds and the drinks two eighty.

Exercise 3

Listen to a customs officer at Heathrow Airport asking David Carter how much he paid for the things he bought on holiday. Write the correct price next to each item and what its value is in pounds.


watch    $140 = £10

calculator   $35 = £2.50

cassette recorder   $11,360 = £50

necklace   $91 = £25


Co   Excuse me sir, can I ask you where you’ve just travelled from?

David   Yes, from Hong Kong. And I’ve been to Tokyo and Singapore too.

Co   Is this your luggage? Can I look in your bag? Did you buy these things on holiday?

David   Yes, I did.

Co   How much did you pay for the watch?

David   Oh, let me see, I’ve got the receipts here. Yes, that was a hundred and forty Hong Kong dollars.

Co   One hundred and forty Hong Kong dollars. Right, that’s about ten pounds. And the calculator?

David   Oh, that was only, er, thirty-five dollars in Hong Kong.

Co   Thirty -five dollars. Erm, that’s about two pounds fifty. What did this cassette recorder cost?

David   The cassette recorder? That cost eleven thousand three hundred and sixty yen. I bought it in Tokyo.

Co   Eleven thousand three hundred and sixty yen – that must be about fifty pounds. Did you buy this necklace while you were away?

David   Yes I did, in Singapore. It cost ninety-one dollars.

Co   Right, that’s about, twenty-five pounds. So, ten pounds for the watch, two fifty for the calculator, fifty pounds for the cassette recorder and twenty-five pounds for the necklace. Right, so you spent more than eighty-seven pounds. Did you know that thirty two pounds is the most you can spend tax-free?

Exercise 4

Listen to people comparing the prices of things in three different cities. List the cities from the most expensive (1) to the least expensive (3).

1    London                ….1….

      Paris                     ….2….

      Madrid                 ….3….

2    New York            ……….

      London                ……….

      Tokyo                   ……….

3    Singapore           ……….

      Tokyo                   ……….

      Honolulu             ……….

4    Chicago               ……….

      San Francisco     ……….

      Phoenix                ……….

5    Mexico City        ……….

      Los Angeles        ……….

      Hong Kong          ……….

6    Rio                        ……….

      Washington        ……….

      Jakarta                 ……….


1    1   London

      2   Paris

      3   Madrid

2    1   Tokyo

      2   New York

      3   London

3    1   Tokyo

      2   Honolulu

      3   Singapore

4    1   San Francisco

      2   Chicago

      3   Phoenix

5    1   Los Angeles

      2   Mexico City

      3   Hong Kong

6    1   Jakarta

      2   Washington

      3   Rio


1   A loaf of bread costs under a pound in London; it’s cheaper in Paris, around fifty pence, and only costs thirty-five pence in Madrid.

2   A cinema ticket costs around five pounds in New York; in London you pay about four pounds and in Tokyo it’s about six pounds fifty.

3   A one mile taxi ride in Singapore costs about one pound fifty; in Tokyo it comes to about five pounds, and in Honolulu you pay about three pounds.

4   A good meal at a first class restaurant costs about forty dollars in Chicago, about forty-five dollars in San Francisco, and about thirty dollars in Phoenix.

5   A flat of about a thousand square feet costs about two hundred pounds a week to rent in Mexico City; about two hundred and fifty pounds a week in Los Angeles and about a hundred and fifty pounds a week in Hong Kong.

6   Posting a local letter costs around eight pence in Rio, twelve pence in Washington and about fifteen pence in Jakarta.

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