Exercise 1

Listen to people paying for things in a department store. How do they pay for each item? Tick the correct box.


Shopper 1

Shopper 2

Shopper 3

Shopper 4











American Express





personal cheque




traveller’s cheque











1 personal cheque

2 Barclaycard

3 cash

4 Access



A   How would you like to pay for this?

B   Can I pay by cheque?

A   Yes. Have you got a cheque card?

B   Yes, I have.


A   Can I pay by credit card?

B   Yes, we take Barclaycard, Access and American Express.

A   Fine, I’ll use Barclaycard.


A   Do you want to pay by credit card, Sir?

B   I’ll use a traveller’s cheque, please.

A   I’m sorry, we don’t take traveller’s cheques.

B   Then I’ll pay cash. You do take that, don’t you?


A   How will you pay for this, please?

B   I’ll pay by Access. Here’s my card.

Exercise 2

Listen to people changing traveller’s cheques at a bank. How much money do they want to change? How many of each kind of note do they want?

1    total = £     ………

      £5 notes     ………

      £10 notes  ………

      £20 notes  ………

      £50 notes  …x7

2    total = £     ………

      £5 notes     ………

      £10 notes  ………

      £20 notes  ………

      £50 notes  ………

3    total = £     ………

      £5 notes     ………

      £10 notes  ………

      £20 notes  ………

      £50 notes  ………

4    total = £     ………

      £5 notes     ………

      £10 notes  ………

      £20 notes  ………

      £50 notes  ………


1    £50 x 6

2    £20 x 10

      £50 x 3

      £10 x 15

3    £50 x 20

      £20 x 25

4    £20 x 5

      £10 x 5



A   I’d like to change these traveller’s cheques, please.

B   Certainly, how much would you like to change?

A   Three hundred and fifty, please.

B   And how would you like that?

A   In fifties, please.


A   Could I change these traveller’s cheques, please?

B   Yes. How many have you got there?

A   Five hundred pounds.

B   Right, just sign them, please. And how would you like that?

A   I’d like ten twenties, three fifties, and the rest in tens.


A   Can I help you?

B   Yes, I’d like to change these cheques.

A   Yes. How many, please?

B   I’ve got fifteen hundred pounds worth.

A   Certainly. Just sign them for me. And how would you like that?

B   In large notes, please. Could I have twenty fifties and the rest in twenties please.


A   Would you like to change those?

B   Yes, please.

A   How much do you have?

B   A hundred and fifty altogether.

A   And how would you like it?

B   It tens and twenties, please.

A   Shall I give you five twenties and the rest in tens?

B   Yes, that’s fine.

Exercise 3

Listen to people thinking about buying the things below. Will they buy the item, buy something else, or not buy anything? Tick what you think they will do.








will buy







will buy something else







won’t buy anything








1    will buy something else

2    will buy

3    won’t buy anything

4    will buy

5    won’t buy anything

6    will buy something else


1   I’d really love to buy that sofa. But £600 is much more than I want to spend. Well, perhaps I’ll get the chairs instead.

2   It’s time I got a new television. This one is £150. That’s not too bad. I thought it would be more.

3   This new fridge is really nice. It’s got lots of room. But it’s nearly four hundred pounds. I really don’t think I need a new one yet.

4   I like this car. Let me see. If I put down a deposit of £500 then it’ll cost me about £150 a month. Yes, that’s not too bad. I can afford that.

5   Oh, that dress is fabulous! I can just see myself in it. But £200 – no way!

6   This coat would be very useful in the winter, but I’ve got a good raincoat and I need a new suit.

Exercise 4

Listen to these questions about money and prices and choose the best response.

1    It’s only £45.

      Yes, I like it very much.

2    No, this is the cheapest.

      Yes, it is.

3    No, £1,550.

      No, I won’t.

4    The green one.

      Not more than £50.

5    The ring’s cheaper.

      The ring’s very cheap.

6    £2.50 is enough.

      Yes, we should.

7    I’m sorry.

      Oh, did you?

8    Oh, I’m sorry. Let me check it again.

      That’s OK.


1    It’s only £45.

2    No, this is the cheapest.

3    No, £1,550.

4    Not more than £50.

5    The ring’s cheaper.

6    £2.50 is enough.

7   Oh, did you?

8    Oh, I’m sorry. Let me check it again.


1   How much is the camera?

2   Do you have anything cheaper?

3   Did you say £1510?

4   How much money do you want to spend?

5   Which is the cheaper, the ring or the bracelet?

6   The meal was really good. How much shall we tip the waitress?

7   I’m sorry, I made a mistake with your bill.

8   Sorry, you made a mistake with the bill.

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