Exercise 1

A. Read and listen. Practise the conversation.

A   Hello. What’s your first name?

B   My name’s Ryan.

A   And what’s your surname? 

B   Thompson.

A   How do you spell that?

B   T-H-O-M-P-S-O-N.

A   And where are you from, Ryan?

B   I’m from Sydney. I’m Australian.

A   Thank you very much.

B. Complete the conversation.

C   Hello. My _____ Cathy. What’s _____ name?

D   Dan.

C   _____ are you from, Dan?

D   _____ from Cambridge. Where _____ you from?

C   _____ _____ Cambridge, too!

D   Oh, nice to meet you!

Answers & Audioscripts

C = Cathy   D = Dan

 Hello. My name’s Cathy. What’s your name?

D   Dan.

 Where are you from, Dan?

D   I’m from Cambridge. Where are you from?

 I’m from Cambridge, too!

D   Oh, nice to meet you!

Exercise 2

A. Listen and complete the questions about Ryan.

1   What’s ____ surname?   Thompson

2   ____ his first name?   Ryan

3   Where ____ he from?   Sydney

4   How old ____ he?   30

5   What’s ____ phone number?   312-555-0749

6   ____ his email address?   rythompson@tmail.com

7   Is ____ married?   No, he isn’t.

Practise the questions and answers with a partner.

B. Listen and complete the questions about Charlotta.

1   What’s ____ surname?

2   What’s ____ first name?

3   Where ____ she from?

4   How old ____ ____?

5   What’s ____ phone number?

6   ____ her email ________?

7   ____ ____ married?

Ask and answer the questions with a partner.

Answers & Audioscripts


 What’s his surname? Thompson.

 What’s his first name? Ryan.

 Where’s he from? Sydney.

 How old is he? 30.

 What’s his phone number? 312-555-0749

 What’s his email address? rythompson@tmail.com

 Is he married? No, he isn’t.


 What’s her surname?

 What’s her first name?

3   Where’s she from?

 How old is she?

 What’s her phone number?

 What’s her email address?

 Is she married?

Exercise 3

A. Look at the photos. Listen to and read about Jason Cole’s life and family.

I’m 21 years old, and I’m a student. I go to University College London. I have a brother and a sister. My brother’s name is Ethan. He’s 16 and he’s at school. My sister’s name is Emily. She’s 25 and she’s married. I live with my parents and my brother in a house in West London. My father, Andrew, is a lawyer, and my mother, Megan, is a teacher. I’m not married, but I have a girlfriend. Her name’s Amy. She’s lovely! My family really like her!

B. Listen. Complete the sentences about Jason.

 I _____ to University College London.

 I _____ a brother and a sister.

 I _____ with my parents in a house in West London.

 My family really _____ Amy!

Answers & Audioscripts


 I go to University College London.

 I have a brother and a sister.

 I live with my parents in a house in West London.

 My family really like Amy!

Exercise 4

A. Listen. Complete the sentences.

1   Where ____ you from?

2   ‘____ you from London?’ ‘Yes, I ____.’

3   ‘How old ____ you?’ ‘I ____ 17.’

4   ‘____ your sisters married? ‘No, they ____.’

5   I like you. You ____ my friend.

6   Marta ____ from Italy, she’s from Hungary.

7   ‘____ your mother a doctor?’ ‘No, she ____.’

8   I ____ German, I’m French.

B. Listen and tick (✓) the sentence you hear.

1    a   He’s from Italy.

      b   She’s from Italy.

2    a   What’s his name?

      b   What’s her name?

3    a   We aren’t English.

      b   We are English.

4    a   His teacher is from England.

      b   He’s a teacher from England.

5    a   My sister is married.

      b   My sister isn’t married.

6    a   Your French is good.

      b   You’re French. Good!

Answers & Audioscripts


1   Where are you from?

2   A   Are you from London?

      B   Yes, I am.

3   A   How old are you?

      B   I’m 17.

4   A   Are your sisters married?

      B   No, they aren’t.

5   I like you. You’re my friend.

6   Marta isn’t from Italy, she’s from Hungary.

7   A   Is your mother a doctor?

      B   No, she isn’t.

8   I’m not German, I’m French.



1   She’s from Italy.

2   What’s his name?

3   We aren’t English.

4   He’s a teacher from England.

5   My sister isn’t married.

6   Your French is good.

Exercise 5

A. Maria is a student in London. Listen to her blog. Are the sentences true (✓) or false (✗)? Correct the false sentences.

1   Maria is from Spain.

2   She’s in Marid.

3   Andrew and Megan have two sons.

4   Maria is in a small school.

5   Her school is in the city centre.

6   The students in her class are all from Europe.

7   Debbie is Maria’s teacher.

8   The National Gallery is expensive.

9   The Underground is difficult to use.

10   The food is bad.

B. Listen. Complete the questions about Maria. Ask and answer them with your partner.

1   _____ Maria from?   Spain.

2   _____ her school?   In the center of London.

3   What’s __________ name?   Cole.

4   _____ their house?   In Notting Hill, in West London.

5   How __________ the two brothers?   Ethan is 16 and Jason is 21.

6   What’s Debbie’s _____?   She’s a teacher.

7   __________ OK?   Yes, it is. It’s cold, but sunny.

Answers & Audioscripts



 ✗ She isn’t in Madrid. She’s in London.

 ✗ Andrew and Megan don’t have two sons. They have two sons and a daughter.

 ✗ Maria isn’t in a small school. She’s in a big school.


 ✗ The students in her class aren’t all from Europe. They’re from all over the world.


 ✗ The National Gallery isn’t expensive – it’s free.

 ✗ The Underground isn’t difficult to use – it’s easy to use.

10   ✗ The food isn’t bad – it’s great.



Day 1: Welcome to my new page! All the posts are in English!

Hello! I’m a Spanish student. I’m in Notting Hill, London, England. I’m here to learn English.

My English family’s name is Cole. Andrew (the husband) and Megan (the wife) have three children: Ethan (16), Jason (21) and Emily (25). Emily’s married. They’re all very friendly, but they speak very fast! It’s difficult to understand them.

Day 3: My first day at school!

Today is my first English class at St Martin’s College. It’s a big school in the centre of London, in Covent Garden. It’s near a lot of shops, cafés and theatres. It’s great! My class is very international! The students are from Italy, Hungary, Japan, China, Egypt, and Switzerland. Our teacher’s name is Debbie. She’s very young and she’s very nice. I really like her. She’s a good teacher.

Day 5: I love London!

Hello again! It’s great here. I love London! It’s big and very interesting. I like shopping here, but it’s very expensive. I go to the museums and galleries. The National Gallery is free! And I go to the parks. They are really beautiful. I go by bus or by Underground – it’s very easy. The weather’s OK. It’s cold, but sunny. And the food is great! There are lots of Spanish restaurants in London! Check out my photos.



1   A   Where’s Maria from?

      B   Spain.

2   A   Where’s her school?

      B   In the centre of London.

3   A   What’s her English family’s name?

      B   Cole.

4   A   Where’s their house?

      B   In Notting Hill, in West London.

5   A   How old are the two brothers?

      B   Ethan is 16 and Jason is 21.

6   A   What’s Debbie’s job?

      B   She’s a teacher.

7   A   Is the weather OK?

      B   Yes, it is. It’s cold, but sunny.

Exercise 6

A. Listen and write the names.

Lily     Jacob     Sophie     Sam     Tom     Nicole     Claire     Michelle

Answers & Audioscripts


My family isn’t very big. I have a brother, Jacob, he’s 25, and a sister, Lily, she’s 18. They’re not married. I’m married, my wife’s name is Michelle. We have two children, a daughter, Sophie, that’s S-O-P-H-I-E, she’s 4, and a son, Sam, he’s only six months old. We live near my parents. My dad’s name is Tom, and my mum’s name is Nicole, that’s N-I-C-O-L-E. She’s French. My grandmother lives with them – her name’s Claire. She’s my dad’s mum.

Exercise 7

A. Listen. Complete the conversations.

later     Bye     Have

A   It’s time for school. _______, Mum!

B   Goodbye darling, _______ a good day!

A   Thanks. See you _______!

Can     How     of course

C   Morning! _______ are you today?

D   I’m fine, thanks. _______ I have an espresso, please?

C   Yes, _______. Anything else?

D   No, thanks.

just     Good afternoon     help

E   ______________! Can I _______ you?

F   No, thank you. We’re _______ looking.

E   That’s fine.

Pleased     to meet     this is

 Bob, _______ Jane. She’s from our New York office.

 Hello, Jane. _______ to meet you.

I    Hello, Bob. Nice _______ you, too.

a good weekend     Bye     to you

 Thank goodness it’s Friday! _______, Simon!

K   Bye, Jeff. Have ______________!

 Thanks. Same ______________.

K   See you on Monday.

well     See you     night

L   Good _______! Sleep _______!

M   Nigh’ night! _______ in the morning!

Answers & Audioscripts

1   A   It’s time for school. Bye, Mum!

      B   Goodbye, darling! Have a good day!

      A   Thanks. See you later!

2   C   Morning! How are you today?

      D   I’m fine, thanks. Can I have an espresso, please?

      C   Yes, of course. Anything else?

      D   No, thanks.

3   E   Good afternoon! Can I help you?

      F   No, thank you. We’re just looking.

      E   That’s fine.

4   G   Bob, this is Jane. She’s from our New York office.

      H   Hello, Jane. Pleased to meet you.

      I    Hello, Bob. Nice to meet you, too.

5   J   Thank goodness it’s Friday! Bye, Simon!

      K   Bye, Jeff. Have a good weekend!

      J   Thanks. Same to you.

      K   See you on Monday.

6   L   Good night! Sleep well!

      M   Nigh’ night! See you in the morning!

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