Exercise 1

You will hear people describing some of the things they do at work. Listen and tick the activities they describe.

1    interview people

      describe people

2    collect guests

      take guests on tours

3    fill in forms

      type letters

4    sell houses

      buy houses

5    collect post

      deliver post

6    sell TV sets

      repair TV sets

7    check machines

      mend machines

8    take telephone calls

      make telephone calls


1   interview people

2    collect guests

3    type letters

4    sell houses

5    deliver post

6    repair TV sets

7    check machines

8    take telephone calls


1   Well, when people come in to borrow some money from the bank, I have to talk to them and ask them a lot of questions, about who they are, where they work, how much money they have, and so on.

2   I meet the guests at the airport and drive them to their hotel.

3   I spend most of my day in front of the typewriter. We have so many letters to send out every day.

4   Well, my job is to find the right kind of house for people. They tell me the kind of house they want to buy and I try to find them something suitable which is for sale.

5   Well, the first thing I have to do every morning is to go round and give everyone their post.

 Yes, people bring in their televisions when they break and I try to mend them.

7   As soon as each machine is made, my job is to make sure it works properly before we sell it. I have to look over each machine very carefully.

8   I wait for the doctor’s patients to phone every morning and tell me when they want to come in for an appointment.

Exercise 2

You will hear people talking about their occupations. Listen and number six of the occupations below from 1 – 6.

……….   typist

……….   hairdresser

……….   actor

……….   engineer

……….   hotel receptionist

……….   mechanic

……….   nurse

……….   pilot

……….   university lecturer

……….   computer programmer


1   university lecturer

2    nurse

3    hotel receptionist

4    mechanic

5    typist

6    actor


1   Yes, it’s a wonderful job. I like teaching. I also like the long summer holidays. The students are very nice, too.

2   It’s an interesting job, but I often have to work long hours at the hospital. Sometimes I start work at eleven in the morning and work through till ten in the evening.

3   It’s a good job. People come from all over the world to stay at our hotel, because we’re famous for our food.

4   I’ve always wanted to do this kind of work. I love cars and engines. Of course, it’s quite dirty work, but the money’s good.

5   It’s all right. I like typing and the people in my office are very nice to work with.

6   I love my work. I’m able to wear all sorts of strange and beautiful costumes, and it’s exciting to see photographs of myself in the theatrical magazines.

Exercise 3

You will hear people talking about the jobs they used to have and the jobs they have now. Listen and tick their present job.

1    nurse

      social worker

2    shop assistant


3    driver

      tour guide

4    receptionist


5    bank clerk

      computer programmer

6    mechanic

      lorry driver

7    office manager

      university lecturer


1   nurse

2    shop assistant

3    tour guide

4    receptionist

5    bank clerk

6    mechanic

7    office manager


1   Yes, I really like my new job. I find it’s more interesting being a nurse than a social worker.

2   The job at the library was too boring. Now I work in a shop and I meet lots of interesting people.

3   Well, my salary was higher when I was a driver, but I do get a lot of money in tips.

4   I love my job. When I was at the hospital I had to work every night. Now I just work from nine till five.

5   Well, I don’t work with computers any more in my new job. I work with money. That’s much more interesting.

6   The thing I didn’t like about being a driver was the long trips away from home. The garage where I’m working now is just five minutes away.

7   It’s different working in an office from working at a college. But I like it. I don’t have to correct students’ homework.

Exercise 4

You will hear Ms Patel telling her secretary what she wants her to do today. Listen and number five of the activities below from 1 – 5 in the order she talks about them.

………..   post a package

………..   type a report

………..   collect some tickets

………..   copy a letter

….1….   arrange a meeting

………..   check the sales figures

………..   make travel arrangements

………..   cancel an appointment


1    arrange a meeting

2    type a report

3    post a package

4    make travel arrangements

5    cancel an appointment


Now, first of all, could you call up Mr Stevens? I’d like to meet him on Friday at 10 a.m. Then I’ll need the sales report. Could you finish typing it this morning, please? Don’t forget to go to the post office after lunch. I need to send a package to Switzerland. Then perhaps you could call British Airways and try to get me on a flight to Paris on the 16th. See if you can get me a hotel too, will you?

Oh, and I won’t be able to meet Ms Cairns this afternoon. I’ve got to go to the airport. Could you call her and tell her? Perhaps she can meet me on Thursday.

Exercise 5

Jane is starting a new job in an office. Helen is showing her where things are in the stationery cupboard. Listen and number the correct place in the picture.

1    letter paper

2    envelopes

3    pens

4    notebooks

5    elastic bands

6    sellotape



The letter paper is here on the second shelf, on the left-hand side and the envelopes are on the top shelf, on the right. You’ll find pens next to the letter paper and notebooks on the top shelf, on the left hand side. On the bottom shelf there are elastic bands and sellotape. The elastic bands are on the right and the sellotape is on the left.

Exercise 6

Listen to people asking where places are in an office block. Each person is at X. Number the correct places.

1    coffee bar

2    accounts department

3    manager’s office

4    toilet

5    Mr Smith’s office

6    stationery store

7    Ms Randall’s office

8    photocopier

9    post room




A   Where’s the coffee bar, please?

B   It’s on the next floor up, at the end of the corridor on the right.


A   I’m looking for the accounts department.

B   It’s the last door on the right.


A   Where’s the manager’s office, please?

B   It’s the first door on the left.


A   Where’s the toilet, please?

B   It’s on the next floor up, the last door on the left, opposite the coffee bar.


A   Am I on the right floor for Mr Smith’s office?

B   No, you’ll have to go upstairs. It’s the office at the top of the stairs, on the left.


A   Where’s the stationery store?

B   There’s one upstairs, next to Mr Smith’s office.


A   Which is Ms Randall’s office?

B   It’s the second door on the right.


A   Where’s the photocopier, please?

B   At the end of the corridor, on the left.


A   Where’s the post room, please?

B   Just here on the right.

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