Exercise 1

Listen to people describing how to use different pieces of equipment. Number the things they talk about in the correct order, from 1 – 4.


1 b   2 c   3 a   4 d


1   Well, you go into the booth and you’ll see the machine on the wall. Put in two 50p coins. Press the button at the side. Now sit on the chair and look at the red light.

2   First you have to choose how many hours you want to park. Now put your money in at the top and the ticket comes out here at the bottom.

3   Right. You start by putting your money in here. Then choose how you want your coffee – black, with milk, with sugar. Now press the button marked start. You take your coffee out here.

4   First, choose the size you want. Next, choose the number of copies you need. Now put your document down flat on top of the glass here. Then close the lid and press the start button.

Exercise 2

You will hear a recipe for chicken cooked with aubergine, garlic, sauce, and herbs. Listen to the instructions and number eight of the sentences from 1 – 8.

……..   Add the water.

1…   Cut up the garlic.

……..   Cook it for ten minutes.

……..   Add the sauce and herbs.

……..   Fry the chicken and aubergine.

……..   Fry the garlic.

……..   Cut up the chicken.

……..   Cut up the aubergine.


1    Cut up the garlic.

2    Cut up the chicken.

3    Cut up the aubergine.

4    Fry the garlic.

5    Fry the chicken and aubergine.

6    Add the sauce and herbs.

7    Add the water.

8    Cook it for ten minutes.


It’s quite simple really. First cut up the garlic into very small pieces. Next cut up the chicken into very thin slices. After that cut up the aubergine, also into thin slices. Now fry the garlic until it turns light brown. Then add the chicken and the aubergine to the frying pan and stir it in. Then add the sauce and the herbs. Lastly, add two cups of water. Now leave it to cook for ten minutes.

Exercise 3

You will hear a sales assistant telling a customer how to look after some of the things below. Number six of them from 1 – 6 in the order in which you hear them.


1    c (rug)

2    f (curtains)

3    j (dog) or k (statue)

4   e (aquarium)

5    i (record player)

6    a (wooden table)


1   Well, you can clean it with a vacuum cleaner, of course. Or you can wash it by hand, too, if you want to. You can also take it to a dry cleaner.

2   Don’t wash them in the washing machine. It’s better to take them to a dry cleaner to be cleaned.

3   You can wash him with shampoo in the bath once a week. He will like it and it’ll keep him nice and clean.

4   Keep it in a cool place. Don’t put it near a window or the sun will make the water too hot.

5   Keep the needle clean at all times or it’ll damage your records. You can use a clean soft cloth to clean your records.

6   Polish it once a week with a good polish. Don’t put anything hot on it and don’t spill water or liquids on it.

Exercise 4

Listen to a sales assistant telling someone how to clean and look after different things. Tick the advice the sales assistant gives.

1    handwash only

      machine wash only

2    handwash only

      machine wash only

3    wash in warm water

      wash in hot water

4    dry clean only

      do not dry clean

5    iron

      do not iron

6    clean with oil

      clean with soap and water

7    wash in washing machine

      wash by hand

8    wash in dishwasher

      wash by hand


1   handwash only

2    machine wash only

3    wash in warm water

4    do not dry clean

5    do not iron

6    clean with oil

7    wash in washing machine

8    wash by hand


1   You should wash these by hand. It’s better not to wash them in the washing machine.

2   These should be washed in the washing machine to get them really clean.

3   Don’t use hot water to wash these. Use warm water only.

4   It’s best to wash these by hand in warm water. Don’t dry clean them or they may lose their colour.

5   You can’t iron this cloth. Just hang it up to dry.

6   You can use a fine oil to clean this table. Don’t use soap and water on it at any time.

7   Just put these in the washing machine when they’re dirty.

8   The dishwasher won’t clean these very well, so you’ll have to wash them by hand.

Exercise 5

Listen to these customers saying what they need done. Tick what they want.

1    cut very short

      not cut much

2    cut only

      cut and shampoo

3    washed and mended

      washed only

4    full tank of petrol

      £5 of petrol

5    repaired and painted


6    polished and checked

      checked only

7    repaired

      repaired and painted

8    cleaned

      cleaned and new strap put on

9    heeled and soled

      heeled only


1   not cut much

2    cut only

3    washed and mended

4    full tank of petrol

5    repaired and painted

6    polished and checked

7    repaired

8    cleaned

9    heeled and soled



Just a little off the top and sides, please. Not too short.


A   Would you like me to shampoo it first?

B   It’s all right, thanks. I’ll do it myself at home.


Now when you’ve washed this, could you mend this little hole at the back, please?


A   Shall I fill the tank, sir?

B   Yes, please.


A   I wonder if you can fix this leg, please. It’s quite loose.

B   And then you want it painted dark brown?

A   No, light brown, please.


A   Now, would you like a polish as well as a check-up?

B   Yes, that’s a good idea.


A   Do you want us to paint it when we finish the repairs?

B   It’s all right? I’ll paint it myself.


A   Now, you want it cleaned. And would you like a new strap?

B   No, I think the strap’s all right, thanks.


A   So you want these heeled. And would you like new soles as well?

B   Um, yes please.

Exercise 6

Mrs Potter is asking her children to do things. She wants them to do some things now and some things later. Tick what she wants them to do first.

1    iron the clothes

      make the beds

2    wash the dishes

      tidy the living room

3    water the plants

      clean the cooker

4    cut up the meat

      cut up the vegetables

5    do the dishes

      clean the windows

6    vacuum the floor

      polish the table

7    tidy the bedrooms

      clean the bathroom


1   iron the clothes

2    wash the dishes

3    clean the cooker

4    cut up the meat

5    clean the windows

6    polish the table

7    tidy the bedrooms


1   You can make the beds after you finish ironing the clothes.

2   Let’s wash the dishes and then we can tidy the living room.

3   I don’t think the plants need watering right away but the cooker really does need cleaning.

4   Before you cut up the vegetables, could you cut up the meat?

5   Clean the windows before you do the dishes.

6   You’d better polish the table. We can do the vacuuming later.

7   After you tidy the bedrooms, I’d like you to clean the bathroom.

Exercise 7

Your flatmate Elaine likes moving things around in your flat. Listen to her deciding what to change. Draw a line from each item to its new position. She makes six changes.



1   You know, the bookcase doesn’t look very nice near the window. Why don’t we bring it over here by the door?

2   I think that new painting will look better in the dining room than in the living room. Let’s move it.

3   I think we’ll bring the coffee table out of the study and put it back here in the living room.

4   Why don’t we move that rug back to the smaller bedroom? It doesn’t look right in the living room.

5   That vase would look nice in the dining room. I don’t really like it in my bedroom.

6   Shall I take the typewriter back to the study? I’ve finished with it.

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