Exercise 1

Listen to these people on holiday planning what they are doing to do. Number what you hear from 1-5.

…….. go shopping

…….. visit a museum or art gallery

1… go sightseeing

…….. go to a restaurant

…….. go to a nightclub


1    go sightseeing

2    go to a nightclub

3    go to a restaurant

4    visit a museum or art gallery

5    go shopping


1   Well, the bus will pick us up at nine o’clock. The tour lasts about four hours, so we should be back at about one o’clock.

2   There’s a show at eight p.m. and then the late show is at eleven p.m. Let’s go to the late show.

3   The seafood here is supposed to be really good. Let’s try it, shall we? I’m really hungry.

4   It says in the guide book they’ve got a lot of famous paintings. Let’s go and have a look. It’s free, too.

5   The prices here are supposed to be quite good. I really need some new clothes and some shoes … Let’s go and see what we can find.

Exercise 2

Listen to people talking about their holidays. What places did they visit? Tick the places they visited in each list below.

1  Thailand

    Hong Kong




2  Greece





3  Chicago

    Log Angeles



    New York

   San Francisco

4  Brussels







1    Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand

2    Holland, Spain, Greece

3    Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, New York

4    Paris, Brussels, Munich, Rome


1   We really loved Japan. We wanted to go to Korea, too, but there wasn’t time. Then we went on to Hong Kong. I love Chinese cities. We finished with a week in Thailand. It was all very exciting.

2   Well, we started in Holland, but decided not to go to France. So we went to Spain instead. It’s a beautiful country. We didn’t go to Italy this year, but went straight on to Greece.

3   I’m sorry we went to Los Angeles. It’s an ugly place. But we loved San Francisco. Then we went on to Boston. We had to change planes in Chicago. We had a couple of days in Boston and New York, and then found we didn’t have time to go to Washington.

4   We started in Paris and drove up to Brussels. Then we flew to Munich for a week. We were going to stop in Vienna, but we didn’t have time, so we went on to Rome. Some friends came up from Naples to join us.

Exercise 3

Listen to people talking about different cities. What can you do in each place? Tick the lists below.

1    go shopping

      go for a walk

      drive around

      try the local food

      visit a museum or art gallery

2    go swimming

      take a boat trip

      go skiing

      go round the island by bus

      try the local food

3    visit the old castle

      go shopping

      visit the hotels

      go to the nightclubs

      go swimming

4    visit the museums

      go to the theatre

      go to a nightclub

      try Chinese food

      try the local food


1   try the local food, go for a walk

2   go round the island by bus, take a boat trip, go skiing

3   go swimming, go shopping

4   visit museums, try Chinese food     


1   It’s not really the best place to shop. Prices are too high there nowadays. But the food’s great and quite cheap. It’s a wonderful place just to walk around in and look at the old buildings. But there aren’t any interesting museums or art galleries, I’m afraid.

2   It’s a very nice place to visit if you like being outdoors. The scenery is beautiful. Take a bus trip around the island, and sail around it if you have time. You can also go skiing. Unfortunately, the water is too cold there for swimming. You probably won’t like the local food. It’s very spicy.

3   There are very good beaches there. Everything’s quite cheap, so take plenty of money with you! There’s not much else to do. There’s only one hotel and no interesting old buildings.

4   There are several excellent museums and art galleries. If you like Chinese food you should visit Chinatown. It’s doesn’t have any good nightclubs or theatres.

Exercise 4

Listen to people getting ready for their holidays. Tick the things they are going to take with them.

1    large suitcase

      small suitcase



      personal stereo







1   small suitcase, books, umbrella, coat



I’m not going to take many things with me this time, so I won’t need the big suitcase. Let’s see. I think we can buy presents for our friends when we get there. They’ll have music on the plane, so I won’t need my personal stereo, but I’d better take something to read. It’ll be fairly cool at this time of the year, so I don’t suppose we’ll be doing any swimming. I’d better pack the umbrella in case it rains. I’ll need a thick coat, too, if it’s going to be cold. That’s about everything.

Exercise 5

Listen to people talking about their holidays. Did they enjoy themselves? Tick the best answer.









liked everything







liked some things








didn’t like anything









1   liked everything

2    liked some things

3    liked some things

4    didn’t like anything

5    liked everything

6    like some things

7    liked everything


1   The people were very friendly and the hotel was great. It was a really wonderful holiday.

2   Well, the food was good but the prices were terrible. And the hotel wasn’t very quiet.

3   The beaches are beautiful but the cities are very dirty. And don’t travel on the local buses, they’re awful!

4   Everyone was so rude, and the food wasn’t very good. We’ll certainly never go there again.

5   The temperature was just right. We both like hot weather. The hotel was very cheap too, and the local food is delicious.

6   Oh, the scenery’s beautiful, lovely lakes and mountains. And prices are much better than here. It’s a pity the weather was so bad while we were there, though.

7   I enjoyed the shopping best of all. The department stores are great. The hotels, of course, are very clean and modern and the staff are so helpful.

Exercise 6

Listen to questions about travel and choose the best answer.

1    Yes, I did.

      Very much, thanks.

2    For about six weeks.

      Yes, I will.

3    Not really.

      Until June.

4    Yes, I did.

      To Madrid.

5    Last week.

      Not yet.

6    Not yet.

      No, I didn’t.

7    Yes, I was.

      About a month.

8    It was great.

      Yes, I did.


1    Very much, thanks.

2    For about six weeks.

3    Until June.

4    To Madrid.

5    Last week.

6    Not yet.

7    About a month.

8    It was great.


 How did you enjoy your trip?

 Have you been here long?

 How long are you going to be here?

 Where did you go for your holiday?

 When did you get back from Japan?

 Have you ever been to Australia?

 How long were you away?

 What did you think of Wales?

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