Exercise 1

You will hear sentences containing the phrase ‘a’ or ‘the’. Listen and tick the one you hear.

1    a cauliflower      the cauliflower

2    a grapefruit        the grapefruit

3    a cabbage            the cabbage

4    a salmon              the salmon

5    a lobster              the lobster

6    a pineapple          the pineapple

7    a cucumber         the cucumber


1 the   2 a   3 the   4 a   5 a   6 the   7 a


1   Could you pass me the cauliflower?

2   Did you buy a grapefruit?

3   Would you cut up the cabbage, please?

4   Is that a salmon?

5   How much is a lobster?

6   Do you need the pineapple?

7   Please cut up a cucumber for me.

Exercise 2

Tim is going to the supermarket. Listen and tick the things he needs to buy.

cucumber      cabbage

bread             onions

sweetcorn      broccoli

lamb                rice


broccoli / rice / onions / bread / lamb


1   I’d better get some broccoli today.

2   I don’t think I need to get any more cabbage.

3   I ought to get some rice, I suppose.

4   I won’t need to get any sweetcorn this week.

5   We certainly need some more onions.

6   We do need some more bread.

7   We’ve still got plenty of cucumber.

8   I’ll try to find some fresh lamb.

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