Exercise 1

Listen and circle the words you hear.

1    radio           radios

2    shoe            shoes

3    glass            glasses

4    brush           brushes

5    watch          watches

6    suitcase      suitcases

7    umbrella     umbrellas

8    bottle          bottles


1 radios   2 shoe   3 glass   4 brushes

5 watch   6 suitcases   7 umbrella   8 bottles

Exercise 2

You will hear people talking about seven of the things in the pictures below. Number them from 1-7.


1 f (settee)   2 g (suitcase)   3 a (trainers)

4 e (typewriter)   5 h (family car)   6 c (rucksack)

7 b (coffee table)


1   Yes, it’s very comfortable and wide enough for three people to sit on.

2   There’s plenty of room inside for your clothes. It’s big enough to take everything you need when you’re going on holiday.

3   These are very comfortable to wear and they’re wonderful when you’re playing tennis.

4   It’s quite light and easy to carry. You can carry it home from the office if you want to do some typing at home.

5   There’s room for two people in front and there in the back.

6   It’s small, but you can get a packed lunch and an extra jumper in it.

7   It’s made of wood, so it’s quite light. You can eat off it when you’re watching television, too.

Exercise 3

You will hear people at a lost property office describing things they have lost. Circle a, b or c to identify the correct item for each person.


1 a   2 c   3 a   4 a    5 a   6 b   7 b


1   It’s a small suitcase with a strap round it.

2   It’s got a round neck and long sleeves.

3   It’s a big square parcel tied with string.

4   It’s made of real leather. It hasn’t got a strap.

5   It’s a white beach hat with a dark band.

6   It’s got two pockets on the front and buttons.

7   It’s got a checked pattern on it.

Exercise 4

Listen to people returning things to a department store. What is wrong with each item? Tick the best answer.

1    ………… too big ……… too small

2    ………… sleeves too long ………… sleeves too short

3    ………… alarm doesn’t work ………… doesn’t keep correct time

4    ………… wrong key for lock ………… no key for lock

5    ………… earphones too small ………… earphones don’t work

6    ………… doesn’t open properly ………… doesn’t close properly

7    ………… light isn’t working ………… no battery


1    too small

2    sleeves too short

3   doesn’t keep correct time

4    no key for lock

5    earphones don’t work

6    doesn’t open properly

7    light isn’t working


1   I’m afraid I’ll have to change these shoes. I just can’t get into them. Have you got a bigger size?

2   I’d like a sweater with longer sleeves. These are too short.

3   There’s something wrong with this clock. It gains about an hour every day.

4   I’m afraid there isn’t a key for the lock on this bag.

5   I can’t hear any sound on these earphones.

6   I can’t get this umbrella to open properly. It seems to get stuck.

7   I can’t get this torch to work. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the battery.

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