English Exercises

Practice English Listening B1 Exercises

with Answers and Audioscripts

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The Environment
Customs and Traditions
Health and Fitness
Discovery and Invention
Eating in … and out
Modern families
Meeting the parents
Spending money
Changing lives
The Great OUP Bake Sale
Survive the drive
Men, women, and children
A difficult celebrity
Bad manners?
Yes, I can!
An interview with Alex Rawlings, who speaks 11 languages
Sporting superstitions
How did you meet your partner?
Old friends
Behind the scenes
Every picture tells a story
A day with a personal stylist
Live and learn
The hotel of Mom and Dad
Boys’ night out
The right job for you
Have a nice day!
How to complain
You were really lucky!
You look stressed!
Idols and icons
And the murderer is …
Queens of crime
Food: fuel or pleasure?
If you really want to win, cheat
We are family
Can You Understand These People?
A news bulletin
Changing your life
Race to the sun
In the office
Can You Understand These People? (2)
Modern manners
Judging by appearances
If at first you don’t succeed
Renting a flat
Can You Understand These People? (3)
Back to school
In an ideal world
Still friends?
A visit from a pop star
Can You Understand These People? (4)
Slow down, you move too fast
Same planet, different worlds
Job swap
Can You Understand These People? (5)
Love in the supermarket
See the film … get on a plane
I need a hero
Breaking news
Can You Understand These People? (6)
Can we make our own luck?
Murder mysteries
Switch it off
Everything in the open
Can You Understand These People? (7)

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