English Exercises

Practice English Listening A2 Exercises

with Answers and Audioscripts

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Festivals and Celebrations
The Internet and Technology
Weather and Climate
Sports and Competition
The Universe
Personal information
The perfect date?
The Remake Project
Hotel problems
Where’s my passport?
That’s me in the picture!
Happy ending, Sad ending
What are we going to do?
Put it on your calendar!
Word games
Restaurant problems (2)
Have you cleaned the bathroom yet?
In your cart
I want it NOW!
Twelve lost wallets
How much is enough?
The wrong shoes
Think positive or negative?
I’ll always love you
The meaning of dreaming
First day nerves
What’s your idea of happiness?
Could you pass the test?
At the pharmacy (2)
Should I stay or should I go?
Murphy’s Law
Beware of the dog
Do you have any phobias?
She’s written several books.
Getting around
Early birds
Did you like school?
Help! I can’t decide!
The Twin Strangers website
Time to go home
Think before you speak
Days of the week
What happened?
At the Moulin Rouge painting
The Devil’s Dictionary
At the airport
Can You Understand These People?
The holiday
A moment in time
At the conference hotel
Can You Understand These People? (2)
Where are you going?
Positive thinking
Restaurant problems
Can You Understand These People? (3)
From rags to riches
The world’s friendliest city
Lost in San Francisco
Can You Understand These People? (4)
At a party
What makes you feel good?
How much can you learn in a month?
At a department store
Can You Understand These People? (5)
Never smile at a crocodile
What’s the Problem?
At the pharmacy
Can You Understand These People? (6)
Famous fears and phobias
I used to be a rebel
A boat trip
Can You Understand These People? (7)
I hate weekends!
Walking up is hard to do
On the phone
Can You Understand These People? (8)

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